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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by green boy1, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Runner

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    I only put them on to trim. They go on in just a few seconds, because you just wrap them around and pull the velcro straps on. As soon as you're done, they just tear away. Shake them of a flick or two, and back in the trailler they go. I've had mine a few years now, and they hold up well. It's nice having clean legs and socks at the end of the day, though. as far as walking, once in a great hile I will readjust them, but if you put them on right, they don't move. I DID just discover that they work better when you wear them on the proper legs, though.
  2. green boy1

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    Yep is a actual question.
  3. dcondon

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    If you would learn how to handle your trimmer and position it right you don't have to worry. I wear shorts when it's hot out and I don't hardly ever get anything on my legs.
  4. crab

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    bleed or sweat,you're choice .nothing wrong with some battle least you're clients know you're not driving the dog around.:)
  5. dcondon

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    how do you come up with bleed or sweat:confused: Your doing something wrong.:dizzy:
  6. rob7233

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    I would guess that most don't use the trimmer guard anymore since they have long ago removed it. Sure, being more careful does minimize getting covered in most maintenance accounts but not in all situations.
  7. Tadams

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    I would rather "man up", as someone said, and sweat than bleed any more than I have to. I wear long pants- usually tan BDU's (army pants) or some type of loose fitting cargo pants.
  8. green boy1

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    OK guys, let me make some thing clear,is not that i don't know how to use a trimmer,and i use them whit the guard in place, but I like to be as careful as I can with my shins because like I said before, I don't like long pants and like to work on shorts. I was just asking to see if anyone here use something different to protect them self like: dwlah he gave me a website to go and Runner from ground control with another website, see thats the info that I like to see not someone that try to criticize one to the other, so thanks to all of u for ur help guys.

    Have a great day.:walking:
  9. zeroturner

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    I use chaps from W.E. Chaps just like Runner. I have used the same pair for 3years now. They work great.
  10. ed2hess

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    You can get you some of these cowboy chaps that will cover you up. Seems so simple to wear long pants, everybody does in our area and it has been REAL hot here.

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