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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawns2nv, Feb 5, 2002.

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    How you guys doing, I was just woundering how many people Mow on the weekend. Myself I'm a solo operation basically partime. I mow after i get off work, until I can afford to go fulltime. I picked up a few small plowing accounts, that will lead to summer mowing. One of clients asked me if i will mow on the weekend. He told me absolutly not to even come to his house and do any mowing because his weekends are for relaxing. He doesn't want to be botherd with any noise. Are most people like that or is this guy crazy? I do some accounts on the weekend, but out of respect ,i dont start real earily because of this factor. Is it a good idea to keep working on Sat.& Sun. or what? What do you guys do.. Thanks all....
  2. lee b

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    I'm a part-timer too and most of my work has to be done on Saturdays. But I'm mostly commercial and they don't care when I work. I do have one large yard {6+ acres} they want it done on Saturday, because they have guest on Sundays. Never had a residential customer tell me not to mow on Saturday.
  3. Craig Turf Management

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    My weekends belong to my wife and my kids! I do on occasion work on a saturday to catch up due to rain etc. Your client has a point. How can he chill in his hammock with you mowing his lawn?
    Bill Craig!
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    :blob3: well being that we are in a business in which weather is a hugh factor, mowing on the weekend sometimes can not be avoided. i have in my contracts that mowing will be backed up in the event of rain and that weekend mowing may be nec., believ me if i can avoid cutting on the weekend when everybody is home i will, but do not get that lucky. seems like when your behind everone comes out and whats to chat and discuss what they may do. i would make it clear of your situation and that you may have to mow on the weekend, if he has a problem w/ it then send him on his way, for every person you pass on there will be 2 standing behind him. Tony
  5. PAPS

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    We cut Mon- Sat, reserving Saturday's for some Commercial sites and residential customers that dont mind a Saturday visit. In terms of rain, well then the customers have no choice if there day get bumped back to a Saturday.
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    I schedule everything monday thru friday. Very seldom do I work on saturday. Then its only a church and maybe a comm'l or two. Never cut a residential on saturday. I like working when most people are not a home. That way you don't have to slow down to talk with them. I get more done that way.
  7. HOMER

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    I try never to mow a residential on Saturday............but I work nearly all of them. My commercial accounts are done then and that number is getting higher than my residentials. When the time changes back I'll just be working later. During the winter I take days off during the week to spend with the little lady.

    No kids home then!:D
  8. ohiolawnguy

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    we mow monday , wed, thurs, friday, weather permitting.
    tuesdays and saturdays reserved for odd jobs. Also will meet with customers on a sunday if that is only day they are available to do so. IE estimates or to talk about renovating landscaping etc.
  9. Guardian

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    AL Landscaping has a schedule just like ours. BUT I am considering changing (after 2 yrs) from T-F to M-thu. My hope would be that if rain delayed us, we would still not have to work Saturday. Plus having FRI's off seems nicer than MON's (except on SUN night - it feels nice to know I am not working tomorrow)

    One challenge would be that we have some residential's on TUE's load and moving them to MONday may not seem bad, but they already barely tollerate TUE (they of course want to be closer to the week end). OUr days are dedicated to certain areas, so its not possible to give them another day.

    My only thought as of now would be to re-think the entire way I schedule. Maybe have an enormous commercial day on Monday - and keep residentials still towards the end of the week ( and drive a little more than I want to).
  10. BigJim

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    We mow 52 weeks a year here,Monday-Friday,Saturdays only if its rained and were behind,Weekends are for kids and fishing!

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