Working Out Of 55 Gal Barrels

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by BIGBOY2008, Oct 26, 2008.

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    So if you are not here to bash any one then why did you post that. Are you trying to tell all the little people that you are better then them because you were able to start all big and bad then wow we should bowing and kissing your feet. My bad, I did not know we were in the presence of greatness. For you information I do know how to do it and my dad has 20 years in the business we just do not have a lot of capital and need to start small, if that is ok with you your hineass.
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    I started this thread as a response to someone who wanted to start asphalt sealing out of barrels because they did not have the option of purchasing a fully equipped truck/tank spray application set up.

    I know i dont presently have the option of purchasing a $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 fully equipped spray set up and a $30,000.00 to $35,000.00 ton truck that could properly handle the weight.

    With that in mind cant we keep this thread dedicated to working out of barrels during this present time period with the intention of doing the very best job possible with a minimal amount of money invested in equipment cost?
  3. Ok why wast your time with barrels than,get a steal tank have a mixer by hand put on it,throw it on a truck/trailer and get to work.
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    I am having tanks made up, i bought a couple side mounted diesel fuel tanks, having them cut and welded to size to fit the back of my trucks with the proper fittind for the hoses and vents.. , its an inexpensive option as well,
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    Black Magic can you enlighten us on what you mean and how do you make it please. Thanks.
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    Sure you can work out of barrels. You can't use my products but you can do a "reasonable" sealcoating job, work yourself half to death, and not take the bigger jobs but you can do it. I advise against the "sealer-wheelers"...they are just too much expense for what you get. (a glorified 55 gal. drum)
    The oly difference I saw in the first method post is 30 gallons is the right amount in the barrel for most sealers. Then you add 7-10 gal. water and mix well (preferably with a large drill & a drywall "mud mixer" but you can hand mix with a big paddle or whatever works for you. Then get a helper to slowly pour a 100 lb. bag of sand into the drum as you keep mixing (you can go a bit faster if you use the drill) You will end up with the minimum amount of sand to protect you from a lawsuit anda little room at the top so it's not spilling over (about 50 gallons)
    Then remembering to mix now and again to keep the sand suspended you can apply with brushes or squeegees simply by pouring the product out (use buckets or whatever you guy I saw used a heavy "garden" version of a kids wagon & could haul 4 5 gallon buckets.

    You can do it this way until you can afford a real sealcoating rig. And DON'T BUY NEW. There is a magazine called PaverMarket (free subscriptions) and this was such a terrible year in the sealing business LOTS of people are selling name-brand machines "used 10 times" or "only used 5 times" those are the guys who were going to get rich quick sealing and didn't know how to get work (and the market was cut-throat this year) and now they can't make the payments, so I have seen some deals like a like-new Seal-Rite that cost almost $18,000 bought in May and for sale for $12,000 (and they would probably negotiate) plus there were older-established companies selling off the 2 or 3 year old models because they bought new last winter planning to expand and it didn't happen so they are keeping the newer one and selling a good machine...I have never seen SO MANY sealcoating machines in that magazine--pages of them, watch the Equipment Trader or similar publications in your area because used sealcoating rigs are a dime a dozen right now...never seen so many for sale in my 25 years, sure to drive down the price on used equipment since there is so much.
  8. Look at post 2 pictures of the tank and read post 4

    There not hard to make and you could get one made as well if you dont have the tools.

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