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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by magicmike, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. magicmike

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    This will be my first year in business I have a Ram 1500 I plan on working out of my truck with all my equipment in the bed. I am most likely going to be using a 21 inch honda hrc which is heavy and I am going to be a one man team and I need a ramp has anyone ever used one?
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    i got steel ramps from lowes a long time ago, and used them to get a quick36 in and out of the bed of a chevy s-10 with no problems at all. my honda from home depot is what i used out of the back of my chevy silverado 1500 last year, i lifted it in and out, but it only weighed about 90lbs. i would guess the HRC would weigh alot more?
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    I used to do the same thing when I started cutting yards. I actually used pressure treated wood ramps that my dad made almost 30 years ago :dizzy: The thing is, I still have them in the garage for when I need to run something to the repair shop and I don't feel like loading the trailer. I believe that Northern Tool sells a metal ramp attachement for use with a 2x.
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    The home made wood ramp is fine. My son used them with his datsun truck when he started. Just be sure to put something non skid on them so you don't slip loading heavy and full size walk behinds. Face planting has become common for me in this business.
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    I loaded my old 36" walk behind one time with the wood ramps when I first bought it and I said never again! :laugh: The worst part is off loading a larger walk behind. But for a Honda 21" or even a street blower, I see no major issues. Like I said, I still occasionally use them for taking equipment to the shop or if I have a small project.
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    I will recommend that one own/use a one piece ramp - even if it hinges down the middle = bifolding. Making a mistake trying to navigate using 2 individual ramps can/could get ugly...and if it does, it will happen way too fast. Gravity sux. Better to be safe.
  8. Mickhippy

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    2 lengths of "U" shaped aluminium about 3" wide. Dont need to over complicate things if just for a Honda. Takes up much less space in the truck too! Just need to make them long enough so the angle isnt to great.

    Hell, here are a couple of pics. I got these around 1996 for a different "lower" ute so the angle is to great for this truck, but I dont use the pushy very often these days. They are also overly heavy duty at around 1/4"thick. No way you need to go that thick for a Honda.


  9. nozzy

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    Instead of actually putting the mower in the back of the pickup, I would recommend getting one of those expanded metal cargo carriers that slides into your receiver hitch. It will likely only be 18" or so off the ground and you can just wheelie your mower up onto it. Much faster, and you will have more of your pickup bed space for other stuff. I would also recommend getting a couple big square trashcans with the hinged lids to keep your grass separate from your tools. I have a trailer but I'm trying to figure out how I can go back to just a truck with a well organized setup. I'm hoping to hire a guy this summer and I would way rather he wasn't out there pulling a trailer...
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