working out of a pickup truck bed

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by magicmike, Feb 12, 2013.

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    i used the pressure treated fence pickets and got a like a 18" hinge it works great pulled my honda hrx out of a 350 a 250 and a blazer you could even put some angle iron on the ends if you wanted but normally when it falls off track it just slides down nice and easy.
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    in my experience i used 2 folding metal ramps. they are approximately 5' long and 12" wide. the fold in the middle. i think theyre aluminum because theyre light. Home depot sells kit for $25 i think- it is metal adapters that you nail your 2X10s onto and rest on the tailgate. good luck
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    I have been looking for a utility trailer to start out with this year, but after reading this thread and the other thread about working out of the back of a truck, I may just run out of the bed of my truck until I have to have a trailer!
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    My Ramp
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    dont you wish they made 12' truck beds standered
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    go to a hard ware store like home depot and ask they make a bracket that mounts to a 2x8and u can cut it to length u want . cost maybe 25 bucks
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    For a 21" hand mower, many suggestions here are way overdoing the need.

    When I started, I had a 1/2T pickup, using a 21" Snapper. I just found some 1" rough sawn boards, 6" wide, laying around from another project. They worked fine for two seasons. Easy on, easy off -- no need to spend money on the need for only a 21" hand mower. Each board easily slips in the bed under the mower.

    Don't make the matter more difficult or costly than need be. Toys are fun, but getting off to an economical start is more important. If you have extra money, spend it on tools that make the work go more quickly. Expensive ramps does not make the jobs go more quickly.
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