Working thru injuries/ailments

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LHS Lawns, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. LHS Lawns

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    What injuries/ailments is anyone having to work thru right now or had to work thru this season?

    I have a lower back problem that flares up about once a year. Got me about a month ago.

    Could barely walk when I first got out of bed in the morning. Took half a day to get loosened up and pain pills to kick in before I could start to do any mowing.

    It lasted a full week and the mowing was torture but I got thru it and I'm good now. I actually felt better at the end of the day from all the movement.

    After all these years I finally had it x-rayed at the Orthopedic Center in town and everything was ok. They explained how its happening and suggested PT.

    I went to PT and they gave me some exercises to do to help prevent it from happening again.

    Thats the life of a solo operator, do it or it doesn't get done. I did have some LCO buddies that I trust that would have helped me out.

    I just had to tough it out but its nice to know I had help if needed.
  2. Jimslawncareservice

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    Bad back, &knees. My right heel at times I can barely walk on. It hurts so bad I just want to punch something at random. I also pulled something in my arm last winter so the spring was bad. This is just this year.

    Bad back and knees I've had for awhile. It came from what I did before this. I've also been so sick I could hardly see. One had clients tell me to go home. I really couldn't because in another week I literally would be baling hay. That's what you get when you have 7 high dose of nitrogen apps.

    Basically when your solo,man up or get out of the biz.
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  3. Jimslawncareservice

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    Oh and I digit this spring i was changing digger shovels with and impact wrench and holding the bolt with gunfire wearing leather gloves and it popped out leaving a gash an inch and half long down to the bone in left pointer finger. Blood all over. Rinsed it out, threw a couple band aids some black tape and went back to work. Still got all clean ups and early mows done. No time to cry and belly ache.
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  4. cgaengineer

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    I worked with a double hernia, before and after surgery. I missed the day I was in hospital and two days after and I was back at it. Still bleeding from the surgery site.
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  5. GMLC

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    Bad lower back and wrists/hands here.
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  6. LHS Lawns

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    I forgot to mention my right knee has some torn cartilage. I'm sure I've used my knees more for lifting since I've had more intense flare ups in my back the last several years and it finally gave in.

    There wasn't one specific time it happened. I just started having a terrible pain in my knee in March of this year. Went to the Ortho Doc and he x-rayed it and there was the torn cartilage.

    The Doc said he could scope it out and clean it up and I would be on crutches for three days and no hard work for 3-4 weeks.

    Thats not gonna work this time of the year so I'll probably get it done in the Winter. He gave me a shot of cortizone and it seemed take the pain level down to managable.

    It will grab me every once in a while if I don't watch it but so far I've been able to cope with it. All the men on my fathers side have all had their knees replaced so I was understandably concerned when my knee was hurting.

    I will try to hold off on that as long as I can, I'm only 51.

    Another question. Is anybody out there working in the business with any type of joint replacement?
  7. greenstar lawn

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    Worked 2 weeks after dis-locating my shoulder. No pain pills either.
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  8. LandFakers

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    My back always hurts, and my knees. Can't do anything about it
  9. Bunton Guy

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    Burst disk in my lower back. Since the disk has healed it stays inflamed ALL the time unless I take high doses of prednazone. Which I don't like to take because they make you gain weight like your having a baby.

    So I live with high levels of back pain every day (most over the counter pain pills won't help)

    I've been telling myself im going to give in and just get a longer supply of anti-inflamatory pills
  10. zak406

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    Just had my hip done for a labrum tear 22 yrs old. It will be interesting to see down the road how soon or if I will need a hip replacement
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