Working thru injuries/ailments

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LHS Lawns, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. herler

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    I once had my legs fall off so I just kept working until they grew back.
  2. Jimslawncareservice

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    That's so funny I forgot to laugh
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  3. T Scapes

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    muscle problem in my back that hurts early in the year but its fine after a couple weeks and a broken foot cut while in a walking boot
  4. cgaengineer

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    Is it right under shoulder blade?
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  5. LHS Lawns

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    Sorry to hear you're having to endure constant back pain everyday. Pain is pain no matter where its coming from but back pain has to be the most debilitating there is.
  6. ringahding

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    This reminds me of the condition I was in 10 years ago. Slaving for a landscape supplier...loading boulders, pond kits, etc. for landscapers and homeowners....I completely TWEEKED my back. The manager did not believe me, even though I was hunched over when I walked. This is when I made a strong push to get my own thing started.

    Well, not to take up this whole entire page with the long version.....Here I am TEN years later....yes there are aches and pains...The older you get the more stretching you should be doing. Yes I am in great work shape, but we know how physical simply mowing lawns can be.

    I live by a motto I stole from a guy "Work Hard, Take A Break".....along with "Work Smarter, Not Harder".

    Once you are in a position...DELEGATE work.

  7. orangemower

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    Who cares what the manager thinks? You hurt your back on the job. I would have created a huge stink. I had a similar thing happen to me. I hurt my back. I told the manager right away so the owner would be aware that it happened. This was on a Friday. Come Monday morning, they called me into the office and wound up getting fired for something stupid. I told them right then and there that Phil KNOWS my back is hurt from Friday and that I'm filing a WC claim. Even though they fired me I still had compensation for the injury and I was off work for over a year because of it.

    I'm not liking the "work hard and take a break" idea. I do like the "work smarter not harder" part though.
  8. herler

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    That's it!

    1. Get job
    2. Hurt back
    3. Make stink
    4... Get paid for the rest of your life.
    5. Watch economy crash.
    6. Wonder why.
    7. Blame everybody else.
  9. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    I have knee problems.. The pain is from inflammation in my Left knee... Now I know I know how can I be young and have problems but trust me I do. My grandma (yeah my grandma is telling me about things for joints lol :laugh: ) told me about move free and surprisingly that actually helped so i would recommend that to yall. But like you say if you solo u have to work through the pain
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  10. T Scapes

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    yea i forgot what the doctor called it

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