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Working with injury


LawnSite Senior Member
Has anyone had tennis elbow? It hurts, and after dealing with it for 8 wks now. I went and got a cortisone shot, and that made it worse for the last few days... It seems like that side effect is wearing off, but how long will it take for the cortisone to kick in? I need my elbow, it sucks, cant really work, and I feel useless. Thank god I have one exp. employee, and one new trainee.. He need to learn alot, but it can relieve me for some heavy work at least.
Any input on tennis elbow?
Cortisone is a type of anti-inflammatory.
You need to ascertain why the injury occurred in the first place.
Treat the cause, not the symptom.
With out more information about you specifically, ie height, weight, dietary habits, existent health status, previous conditions, etc - all you can do is work through the discomfort.
At my age, aches and pains are a daily fact of life. To a great degree I simply ignore these indicators of advancing age and concentrate on maintaining my health.
I have found that a good stretching regime, done two times per day - once in the morning and later at night, alleviates essentially all of the causal factors of my problems.


LawnSite Senior Member
Worcester, PA
I second what txgrassguy said. Do a search on Mercola. You'll be very surprised.


LawnSite Senior Member
St Clair Shores
I've had tennis elbow, and its painful. Especially in the peak of our season, I had cortisone and all other options. Takes time to heal.


LawnSite Senior Member
Northeast Kansas
I don't know much about workin with tennis elbow, i'm a little young for all that yet. However, a guy who owns a company I work with quite a bit broke some major bone in his shoulder clean in half riding motorcross about a month ago. He played through the pain, drivin his Ztrak or Walk behind one handed with the other arm in a sling for 2 weeks, he's almost back to 100% now, but it's amazing what you can work through when you absolutely have too.

Grass Kickin

LawnSite Member
Ocala Florida
Oh my God does that suck. I got it when I was fishing tournaments. It really put me out of action. I did a couple of things to rectify it. First I got a brace to wear at night in bed. I had a habit of bending my arms and sleeping on them with all of my wieght. Likely stretching things unnnaturally. Next I occasionally wore a magnetic brace and that also seemed to work. It really does take time to heal.


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Rockmart, Ga
In the last two years i've had the following cortisone shots:
2x each shoulder
1x right elbow
1x each knee

My body is a bit beat up, but I have learned this:


R- Rest
I- Ice
C- Compression
E- Elevation

Sometimes I feel good in a matter of Hrs and sometimes it takes days. More commonly, it will hurt for a few days after the shot and with a week or two of rest I am good to go.

Also, remember these are trigger point injections and if the Dr. misses the source of the pain, it was a waste of time.

BTW: the elbow hurt the most


LawnSite Member
Lawrence, Ks.
I have one of the worst cases of tennis elbows my doctor has ever seen. Got it while working at our local college. I had surgery on it a year ago and it made no difference. My employer finally gave me a pink slip when the workers comp doc gave me a 2 pound weight limit for life. I took the check and ran for the bank.:cool2:
These days I use the arm but always pay for it at night and end up with a ice pack on it every night. The ice and the drugs my doctor gives me make life bearable.
However for treatment I also tried the cortisone and you're right it hurts like hell for a couple days. Then it's suppose to help the elbow. I never had any luck there. They also have come up with a another treatment that I've yet to try. Same method as the cortisone with one difference. They draw your own blood and inject that instead of cortisone. Suppose to be very beneficial to some. You might check that out. Until you find some other relief I highly recommend the ice pack and pharmaceuticals.:weightlifter: