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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by johnquest, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I'm working on creating a 100 sq foot side patio off of my garage. I have the hole dug, squared, sloped, and ready for crushed concrete. What I would like to do is install some large pavers or flat stepping stones, 12 to 16 in square and then in between them crushed stone, or something. Seeding the wide joints, between 6 and 10 inches, isn't an option and I'm not too concerned about material between joints moving around. The area is a low traffic area that is merely for looks more than anything functional.

    Could I lay down some large pavers or stepping stones directly on top of the concrete fines after I compact, or do I need a layer of sand first then the pavers/slabs and then the material between them?

    What sort of recommendations do you have for working an area like this? I don't want just a crushed stone finish but something with large sqare stones, flat, with crushed stone in between.

    I did a paver patio a few years back that I posted here about. It's been awhile since then but I'm hoping to get some advice on working with large square stone or paver products.

    Thanks, all

  2. alexschultz1

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    so you have a base of crush n run and then a layer of m-10 and you want to lay it directly on the m-10? It will work just fine, i made one around 8 years ago with grey flagstone 2" , then crushed slate in between. I put a french drain under the pathway so the water could be shot out away from the persons driveway.
  3. johnquest

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    No, what I wonder is if it is possible to lay the stones directly on the concrete fines without a layer of M-10, then surround the stones with compacted 3/8 minus granite fines?
  4. alexschultz1

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    Yeah, just make sure you have a nice compacted base of crush n run, the m10 sand will keep the steppers from cracking though so keep that in mind.
  5. bigslick7878

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    Have fun leveling the stones with no sand.

    How about you go down to Home Depot and pick up about 8 bags for a $35 and make your life a little easier?

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