Working with realtors?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by zippy-phil, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. zippy-phil

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    Does anyone work with realtors? How do they pay? Do they usually have a company they use already?

  2. bohiaa

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    dont walk. RUNNNNN
  3. T Scapes

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    the only ones i work with are family friends. I had a couple offers to mulch house and weed them since they wernt taken care of for months so when i gave them a price they declined. A month later i got a call asking if i could do it cause i had the best price and declined the job. Alot of realtors dont have much idea on prices and think your always over pricing them. Unless you know one i wouldnt do much work they will try to nickel and dime you
  4. johnyredd99

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    I do work for 2 that work for the same company and used to also do work for one at keller williams.

    If you have patience and great paper work/invoicing skill then dont turn down work.
    The work is pretty hit and miss. I do clean-ups, onetime, seasonal, open house cuts. They always expect it for cheap, which i can not work for free. They always need dif invoices to go to dif places. or emailed to someone else or billed to the property and not the realtor. Its an invoicing nightmare.
    But other then that it is work. Can only suggest if the money is right, try it. You can always stop services
  5. knox gsl

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    Most of the time they are not worth the hassel. I will do work that my Realtor neighbor refers me on but I do it directly for the home owner. Stay away from RELO companies as well, they work similar to bank owned properties. I used to be an agent and they get stuck in the middle and is a hassle for them as well, the good ones will make sure you get paid.
  6. BAMSLandscaping

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    I am a realtor but I also own a landscaping company and I can tell you first hand that the previous response was spot on that this is "an invoicing nightmare". The Realtors always want it sent to themselves to forward to the client, then they lose it and need it again and again and again... They also have no idea what yard work should cost and if the client is unclear to the realtor or agent and the message does not make its way to you then when the job is done the way the realtor said and not your company than it is still your fault. It is like playing the kids game "telephone" where one person says one thing and it changes a little after the agent gets involved.

    If you do take this route make good friends with the Realtor and ask if you can get the clients info to contact directly instead. You always want the home owners info for REPEAT BUSINESS.

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