Working with significant others


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Overland Park KS
Do any of you guys or girls work with you wifes, husbands, BFs or GFs? My wife sometimes nags me about getting out there and working but i think she would drive me crazy!:dizzy:


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South Jersey
Major Tom & her hubby seem to have a pretty good system. My wife works the office, no manual labor though. Its sometimes tough on our relationship just w/ her in the office. I'd say this falls in the business w/ family category - stay away from it!


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Wife is a great support and is helping with the record keeping end of the business. It helps a lot to have her working with me, as this way both of us are helping the family, and both take pride in the company.


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tried with mine for two days, she couldn't even start the mowers.

Norm Al

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tampa, florida
as long as you dont have money problems and you keep your meetings with people like you say,,,,,,she wont be hard to work with! BUT if you start slacking she will be a verbal conscience!


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Southern Indiana
What! and risk breaking one of her finger nails. PLEEEEEAAAAASE.
Actually she has helped a couple times, but actually slows me down because she cant start anything, doesnt do very good work, but she sure doo look good though
:eek: :eek: :eek: specially when shes sweating and got them tiny shorts on. :blush: :blush: :blush:

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