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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by The landscaper, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. The landscaper

    The landscaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am pushing off starting my partnership for a year. Instead he is going to work for a year as an employee. I have seen workmans comp cost quite a bit to keep. Is it possible to pay the guy this year 10 bucks an hour and call him a partner to get around the workmans comp. Next year when he is a partner, we will not need the workmans comp, so it just seems to be a pain for now.
  2. lawnwizards

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    if i was you, i'd forget the whole partner thing. i've done it for 3 years and its more trouble then its worth.. i would just keep him as an employee and pay the workmans comp.......
  3. The landscaper

    The landscaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know what you're getting at...That is the reason for being an employee first to make sure things will work out. I am going to make sure it is going to be beneficial for both of us before we go jumpin into anything. My situation is alittle different from most so there are good reasons behind it.

    Just dont want to waiste money on workmans comp if it just goin to be this summer.
  4. jgtxusa

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    Just pay the comp and dont take any chances. Most reputable companies here are going to require you have it to do there work anyway. I promise you this will be true almost anywhere, and besides that what are you going to tell a potenital customer who asks to see your insurance binder and all you have is 1 mil gl and some crappy auto. Well sir '' I dont have to have comp because it is just me and my partner, but you can pay us 220k a year to care for your location here, two guys 3 days a week". It dont fly even if you were to sign a twcc-85 form with every employee. The cust wants to see you play with the big boys, not try to nickel and dime around basic biz stuff. He can pick any smuck with no comp. Thats fine with me too, dont get me wrong, that guy can lose his ass when someone gets there toe smashed or hand broke. Ill feed my family and thank comp for the money well spent. I hate to see that withdrawal every month, but 85% of custs and all management companies require it.
  5. The landscaper

    The landscaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    What if you have no employees? Are you still going to be required to carry it?
  6. clean cut lawn care

    clean cut lawn care LawnSite Member
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    No, you are not required to have Workmans Comp. But like these other guys are telling you 99% of all commercail bussinesess will require you to have it because you will be listed not as an employee but as a sub-contractor.
  7. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    suck it up, pay the extra 1$ or 2$ an hour for comp and sleep well at night knowing your azz is covered. :sleeping:
  8. Justcutitshort

    Justcutitshort LawnSite Member
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    Check out the fine for not having WC, and you'll find it's not worth it.
  9. LawnTamer

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    Get workers comp! It's only a few hundred $$ and If he gets hurt or you get audited by your state dept of workforce services you'll be glad you did. Even if you do make him a partner next year they will notice a 1 yr discrepancy in dates.

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