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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by fireman gus, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Let's discuss workman's comp. Do you carry it, where is your policy through, cost, and have you had to use it? Since we plan to expand somemore and will be hiring at least one person we have been inquiring about workman's comp. We have checked several places and the cost is more than we thought. We did come across a policy from the state of Oklahoma that is only $6 per hundred dollars of wages. If you don't have workman's comp. how do you get around it?:confused:
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    Wow you should go through your state then at only $6 a hundread. My rate in PA is $9.10 a hundread. Good choice on the workers comp you really cant aford to be without it. Just get a good acountant and make sure to keep up on your employees federal and state and uc withholding taxes.
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    Ya, $6 per $100 is excellent deal - sign up with that company as long as they are reputable.
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    If you do any hardscaping in Maine it runs you around $16 per $100 - no joke!!
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    that is an great price i was pay ing 10 and its probally going to go up in this state but if you do anything commercial you have to have it
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    Have mine through state of Missouri and its 3.44 per $100
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    4 dollars per hundred...the hartford insurance
  8. NC Greenscaper

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    I pay 5 something per $100 for lawn maintenance and
    6 something for landscaping. I don't know how you've gotten by without it. All commercial and HOA require certificates from me. I don't mind it so much, heaven forbid,if someone was to get hurt working for me, I'd like to know that they are going to be taken care of.

    I've had only one attempt at a claim? I had a worker that was working with me and we were pruning some large wax mrytles. We had cut all the branches and were dragging them back to the truck and on his last trip back to the truck the worker said he stepped in a hole and rolled his ankle. I said, no problem ice it down when you get home you should be fine. The next morning he calls and said he was going to the emergency room his ankle hurt. He text me and said doc put him on two days rest with a follow up. After the follow up I get a call from the medical center verifying his workers comp ins info and nature of his knee injury. I told them he didn't injure his knee, he rolled his ankle. So they talked to him and called back and said he hyperextended his knee because he was favoring his hurt ankle. I told them that didn't happen, I was with him all the time and he never said anything about his knee. I called the insurance company and told them the same and they denide the claim.
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    Each state sets its own rate, some states don't have a program and you need to go through a local agent. Most Illinois agents now have a minimum, that is very high and it depends on what type of work your doing. Just recently IL has lowed its ratings for cost per $100, but the minimum up front has not change. Some of the "new worker comp" employers are having to pay a flat up front very high fee. Then 2 twice a year you get a visit from the insurance carrier auditor to see if you have pay to little.

    In short you pay up front $1500 that is even if you have 1 part time minimum wage helper. The auditor will check your pay stubs and asses the $5 to $8 more per $100 you payed out to your help. If you have only payed out very little they keep the up fount money. All plans are different with different twist. But this is what Illinois is doing to newer employers. The older grandfather in established employers don't have to go through this big up front money request BS.

    When talking with the agent they will ask servile key question that if answer truthfully the costs gets outrages. Like do you ever use a chain saw? do you have ground tillage equipment? dose your employees ever climb a latter? and so one.

    If and when you ever have a smallest of accident and go to the hospital without workers comp. The Hospital is by law instructed to ask question to prove you was or was not working for yourself or for hire. The hospital will notify authority's of any suspicious injury's to employers and send then the bill for all service. If you ever have a injured employee and later want to get workers comp. Well lets say you might get it but you will pay triple rates for many years.
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    I use Albright in Ponca City. They cover my equipment workmans comp and general liability insurance. Seem to be competitive and easy to get on the phone. In fact they call me about once a month just to check on things.

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