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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TurfGuyTX, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. TurfGuyTX

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    How many of you have seen, known of or been involved in a workplace accident? (From lawn care) Hopefully not very many. Those who share their experiences could help prevent some. Thanks for your input.
  2. TurfGuyTX

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    from DFW
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    I should have started this with one I witnessed. An ex employee was trimming some shrubs. Without any obvious reason, he switched hands and cut off part of his finger. He didn't know what caused him to grab it that way.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    i saw a guy mowing a steep hill with a hydro walkbehind, and he lost control, and the mower went into the woods below. i have no idea how they got it out.
  4. geogunn

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    I'm not too ashamed to admit that I habe had a bunch of "accidents" since I got in the biz.

    for example the need for several stitches to repair the cut from a brush axe on my shin.

    had to use shoe goo to repair the cut to my boot from the chain saw.

    I damaged my truck with my trailer...don't ask!

    I went boxwood hunting with the lesco one day. bagged a "nice" boxwood.

    the handlebars have beat me balck and blue.

    but most important...wear your glasses or safety glasses. I'd be blind by now if not for mine.

    worke safe.

  5. Gravely_Man

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    I have seen several chainsaw accidents. Most people don't have a small chainsaw accident. The most common cause is trying to rush. Always think and pay attention! You only get one chance at life!
  6. Evan528

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    Last October I was neeled down cutting a stump lower to the ground and somehow the saw slipped and went into my thigh. :cry:
    I rapped it up and worked 7 more hours at the job site before going and getting 15 stitches.....yeah that wasnt smart....Maybe Im a little to devoted to my work;)
  7. thfireman

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    I was trimming shrubs with a single side trimmer. I was holding the rubber hadle mounted on the blade when it came off and the trimmer fell across my thigh. It cut through my jeans and into my leg. Luckly it pinched more than cut because I was able to let off the gas in time. I should have had at least a couple of stitches but I put a butterfly bandage on it and let it go.

    I have also hit holes in lawns or a stump and it throws me into the handle bars of the mower. Bruised ribs on several occations.

    Oh yea! The notorious Monkey attack!! I wasnt cutting but had stopped for a sandwich in a shopping center. A lady was walking a chimp (She's a trainer) across the lot so I stopped to talk to her. When I was ready to leave the chimp jumped up and slapped me in the face and then jumped again and clawed my arm. This all happened in the blink of an eye. Funny now but I was pi**ed at the time. He had all his shots so I didnt get any monkey sick stuff. The guys at the station still laugh about that one. I still have scares to show!
    :alien: :cry:
  8. rkbrown

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    Note to self...take hedge trimmers to shopping centers and make sure they are running when lady with monkey around :)
  9. thfireman

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    I just stay the heck away from monkeys now. Went to the Zoo a few weeks ago and sent my wife into the gorilla exhibit to make sure they were behind glass!!

    :D :) ;) :eek: :cool:
  10. Santa

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    This past June we had our first mishap. One of my most experienced workers (8 yrs.) rolled a 60" lazer down a hill into a river, and it landed upside down ontop of him. An E.M.T. happened to be driving by and stopped to help. My employee spent the day in the hospital, bruised and shook up. He also missed three weeks of work, and cost me a comp. claim, and the loss of my vacation. (Did I mention my wife and I were just leaving on vacation that same day? )and a 75.00 bill for a tow truck. My employee's and myself were reminded that day NEVER to take safety for granted. This was a first accident for us in 23 years , and I know I should be thankful that it wasn't worse (and I am) but with common sense and concentration, it should have never happened in the first place.


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