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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kirkmbrown2001, May 2, 2012.

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    Anyone have use/have one? Went to my local dealer today. Looking to trade in my 52" Hustler Mini Z for a small walk-behind that will fit through a single gate and a new Hustler Super Z 60". My Mini Z is worth $3000 trade-in value. They had a used Toro 48" walk-behind for over $4000. I would ideally like the trade-in of my Mini Z to cover the cost of a walk-behind. The Super Z would be my primary mower and the walk-behind would only be used for a few of my single-gate properties.

    My dealer mentioned that I could get a NEW 36" walk-behind with electric-start for $2500. It is made by a company named Worldlawn. I have never heard of the company. The turf manager said they have had very few service breakdowns of these mowers in their shop.

    My question. Does anyone have some useful and helpful opinions on this mower either from experience or looking at the specs.

    Easy Pull-Pin Height Adjustment
    2" To 4" Cutting Heights In 1/2" Increments
    Removable Large Capacity 5-Gallon Fuel Tank
    Unique Belt Transmission System To Guarantee Long Belt Lifetime
    Floating Deck
    Ergonomically Designed Pistol Grip Handles With Right And Left Turn Brake Steering
    Easy Flip-Up Grass Chute
    Built-In Headlights
    Discharge, Mulch Or Bag
    Patented Foot Operated Device Makes A Quick Change Between Side Discharge And Mulching
    2-Year Commercial Or Residential Warranty

    MODEL: WY3615KWE
    ENGINE: Kawasaki FH430V
    STARTER: Electric
    WEIGHT: 467 Lbs
    BLADE: Straight 2-18"
    WIDTH OF CUT: 36" (904.4cm)
    DRIVE : 5 Speed Forward And 1 Reverse
    WHEELS-FRONT: 9"×3.5" Smooth Tread
    WHEELS-REAR:13"×6.5" Turf Tread



    Engine: Kawasaki
    Electric Clutch: Warner Electric
    Safety Switches: Delta
    Wire Harness: Electrex
    Control Dampners: AVM
    Seat: Seats Inc.
    Fuel Tanks: Charloma
    Control Cables: Wescon Products
    Belt-Drive Powertrain: Peerless Gear
    Belts: Goodyear, Carlisle
    Wheels: Hoosier Stamping, Martin Wheel, Carlisle Tire

    More Details:

    What are your honest, useful opinions of the mower. Please just don't bash it without reason or facts to back it up because that doesn't help me or others on this site.
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    I haven't used one, but there have been a few posts asking about these mowers. you'll get a bunch of answers about how they are made in china and how its unamerican to buy them
  3. Threadbare702

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    Had a 36" Worldlawn in the company for about 6 months before it was returned and traded for a SCAG. I was the hugest pile of junk I have ever worked on. This was a little over 2 years ago and the company was still brand new. They got their start by making very, very cheap machines. Manufactured in China. They were basically a copy of every other mid-size mower out ther. Peerless transmission, with a Kawasaki Motor. Don't know how they could produce such a piece of junk when all they did was copy everyone else' design. I had to fix it every weekend and after about 6 months of everyday use it become unreliable for a commercial business.
    The best Midsize mower in our company is a 36" Exmark with the ECS handles, It is the mower that all the employee's prefer to use because of the comfortable handles and it produces the best cut and has the most reliability.

    Basically you get what you pay for. Hope this helps
  4. LawnMowerKing10

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    I own this mower and really like it so far. 0 problems so far and it cuts very nicely. Had mine for about a year, maybe a little over.
  5. Richard Martin

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    Hey, it's no problem. Buy the Chinese mower. Maybe you can get it with a Chinese Briggs and Stratton engine too. I mean, it has become so acceptable now to just ship jobs that we don't need anyhow, off to China. Briggs just sent 1550 jobs there last week.
  6. Snapper Jack

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    Does this include making of the Vanguard too? With all the problems Briggs has with engine failures in the US,now they're about to quadruple. I hope every one of those cargo ships with Briggs products sinks:laugh:
  7. Ben Bowen

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    I have been considering one as well. The dealer here said, while he does not sell a lot of them, they have had no issues or complaints. There is a mid-size LCO here that uses them exclusively and swears by them.
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  8. lifetree

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    You can find a good used hydro WB for that price ... just look around !!
  9. gary0123

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    I have sold many of these units with no major issue.
    They have the same transmission -Pearless that most major brand use. Also they have the exact Engine that is used by the major vendors.
    You will be pleased.

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