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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by dinger305, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. dinger305

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    Glad to see some thoughts (pro's / con's) on the mower. Like I said, it would be a dis-service to myself it I did not at least demo one. It's ashame to see that companies that manufacture the equipment, continue to raise the prices for the product. But the consumer (among us) are still paying the price for their increased profit margins. We are still the blue collar work force, that have the 30-36 weeks to make our primary source of income. Some manufactures, must think that we make the money that they make (we all wish). My rant will stop at this point. Thanks for the information, and share more reviews (for those that have used or serviced the World lawn mowers.
  2. GMLC

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    Just make sure you give it a really good demo. And cut with it in different conditions. The dealer already said its not smooth. Any company can throw together a generic frame and deck with name brand components. The problem is was there enough R&D done to have good cut quality? Or long term reliability? Considering a lot of major brands are still trying to perfect cut quality in all conditions I find it hard to believe World Lawn has spent any time on this. Imagine the money lost if you have to double cut everything! Or cant handle hills! Or if it has no traction! There is a lot that goes into a well made and designed machine.
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    Haters gotta Hate!

    Happened to Kia in the beginning too and look at them of the biggest car compaies nipping at the heals of all of the big boys!

    As I said in another thread....I'm going to demo one of these World Lawn Z's....nothing else I have looked at are as well built for the money as far as I can see by looking at them.

    Comparing the World Lawn Z to the homeowner Z's from other companies is like comparing a Ford F-150 to a Chevy S-10...not an even comparison

    To the haters....keep on's OK you can't help it
  4. Ridin' Green

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    It isn't about hating the machine just to hate.:rolleyes:

    It's about spending money on a POS where in the end the cash goes home to a country that is currently manipulating their currency to try to ruin our economy. It's about the fact that chinese materials, especially steel are inferior to US steel or that from many countries in europe. It isn't that they can't make a good product with quality materials. It's that they DON'T/WON'T.

    It's that they treat their people like crap, pay them little for their effort, then send their crap to this country where they can mark it way up, yet still be below what the companies here need to be at to stay in business. It's sad that so many here are willing to help bring their own country down to save a buck.

    Your dealer can tell you whatever he wants to. If WL was anywhere near the quality that he claims, don't you think more LCO's here would run them? Do you really think all the pro's here are just out to get WL, or are all hater?

    Wise up dude.
  5. Greg78

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    :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping: Well said!!
  6. JimsLocalLawn

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    Show me a 100% American made mower that is made from 100% American components and I'll buy it.
    Doesn't exist...

    Your downing him for buying a Chinese mower but your probably using a Kawasaki Engine on your mower with a garage full of Stihl handhelds and probably driving a Toyota truck. What makes him any different than you?

    The worlds wealthiest company manufactures their product in China. It is widely considered to be the highest quality item of its kind available today. Not everything made in China is junk.
  7. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Michigan
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    If you're talking to me, get your facts straight. I am not drowning anyone. He came on here, and newby to this site no less, and started casting aspersions on everyone here who is not down with WL without knowing anything about any of us.

    Not that it's any of your business, but I drive an American made truck. My Stihl handhelds are made either here in the US plant or in Germany and are so marked. None of them came from their china factory.

    Kawasaki is a Japanese company bro, not chinese. Japan is not trying to ruin our economy either, nor are any of the other countries that make any of my other handhelds. Japanese engines are made with high quality materials, not inferior steels and plastics like the crap that chine sells here. The chinese people aren't the problem. The chinese gov't IS, and they're the ones who profit when people like him and you are willing to buy their inferior crap, all the while they keep their own people oppressed and living small while they live large.

    When china starts playing by the rules, treats their people with dignity and respect, stops trying to manipulate their money to gain a larger share of the world market, and starts producing worthwhile and decent products made with QUALITY materials that don't break (like most of their metals products do), then you'll start seeing less people on sites like this getting down on them.
  8. JimsLocalLawn

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    Never did I say Kawasaki was Chinese.
    Never was I talking to a particular person.
    Chinese politics are Irrelevant.
    Some American trucks are manufactured in China.
    Kawasaki does manufacture some parts from China.
    Stihl manufactures some in China too.
    The list is longer than you can imagine, so I will stop here.

    I don't like it either - but these are just "facts".
  9. antv20

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    Many "American made" trucks come from Canada or Mexico. The most American made car is in fact the Toyota Camry.
  10. gulfjoe

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    I'm not going to get into the politics here. I will give my 2 cents though. I am a SMALL solo operation with 7 customers with the largest lot being 10k sqft. I just purchased a World Lawn WY36 walkbehind with a 16hp KAWI. I have not had the first issue with it, but i dont do the same work that you guys do. The only problem I could say it had would be when i was cutting a tall and THICK bermuda lawn when it was still damp there was some definite bog down going through it. Other than that it looks good, I find the cut to be very nice I will post pictures when I cut my lawn next week. Another problem i am having is finding aftermarket blades for it. any help there would awesome

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