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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bumpmaster, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Bottom line:

    They have Kaw, Honda, and Briggs engines
    Hydro and Parker hydraulics
    Warner electric
    Goodyear and Carlisle tires and belts

    They are everything my gravely is but the steel ( and I would like someone to furnish proof where the steel comes from)

    They are a solid mower that cuts nice. So what's the big deal? It's all a global market.
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    I found Richard's post blunt and to the point. Amen Richard. :usflag:

    So it's OK for everyone to support China? The less people supporting China, the better.
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    Do you have blinders on or are you just that naive?
  4. orangemower

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    I went on their website. I clicked on factory view and all I got was Chinese writing.

    Anyone that buys these mowers are not a true red blooded American. If you were, you'd do anything you could to support American made products. When you buy China made, all you're doing is helping them by digging us in a deeper hole.
  5. orangemower

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    World Lawn is just a middle man. They get their cut when they sell a mower to a dealer but ultimately the lump sum goes to China. Slowly but surely our dollar is going to be worth nothing as all our currency is being sent to other countries. What does our idiot of a president do, prints more money. That's NOT how it works. With the support this country is giving China, we'll soon be living in the land of the United States of China. Hows that sound? If you like China THAT much that you want to support them then maybe you might want to move there and see what it's REALLY like. :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    if they in fact do have a quality product that holds up over time for much less than an american made mower (where half the parts are from japan or china) then the american makers need to rethink their prices. i'm a fan of american made too but i'm also a fan of getting the most bang for my buck. especially in this economy. all of you that love the kawasaki motors on these, where the hell do you think they come from? it ain't an american made motor...
  7. orangemower

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    If we think like China prices, there would be sweat shops all over the country. Would you want to work all day in the heat for say $5.00? That's what they pay over in China for the "kids" that are assembling stuff.

    Know one is talking about the engines in the mower. Scag has a jig and hundreds of thousands of dollars in updated equipment (probably more like millions) to manufacture their own machines. They pay skilled laborers to operate the plant and do specific jobs that a child shouldn't be doing.

    I capitalized all of the A's in "American" for you by the way.

    I like to save a buck too but if it's a American made product I'll be glad to pay a little more.

    Oh yeah, half the parts are NOT made in China/Japan. Obviously they have to out source a few items but that's only because there isn't a U.S. manufacturer for the specific item which might be a fuse holder or a resistor. The end result is that the larger part of the mower is fabricated, manufactured and assembled in the USA.
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    Do you wear shoes? Do you shop at Wal-Mart? If so, chances are you are supporting a Chinese business.

    Chinese Manufacturing Statistics
    Percent of worlds umbrellas made in China 70 %
    Percent of worlds buttons made in China 60 %
    Percent of Chinese goods sent to the U.S. that go to Wal-Mart 9 %
    Percent of U.S. shoes made in China 72 %
    Percent of U.S. artificial Christmas lights made in China 85 %
    Percent of U.S. kitchen appliances made in China 50 %
    Percent of U.S. toys made in China 50 %
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    Any of you buy Fords, Chevys or Toyota is more American made.
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