WorldLawn Power Equipment ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bumpmaster, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. GMLC

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    Still waiting for cut quality pics!!??
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    I have a friend in Bonham that sells them. He has Country Clipper, Husqavarna, and Dixie Chopper I believe too. He has done pretty good with them, and said they are holding up as good as anything else he offers. In his area, he said its all about price when they come in. I do believe they are assembled in Nebraska as Worldlawn has bought the old Dixon Plant in Beatrice I believe. I can honestly say it bothers me a little to see money go out of the US when it could be spent here, but it happens all the time on everything imaginable. For example, on the deck bearing here. The new Bad Boy bearing is double sized. The bearing from a Turkish company that has an assembly plant in China is retail like $29 each x6 bearings $156. If someone wants the american style I have them in stock too. They cost me $75 each at Purvis Bearing, thats $450 to replace them all. So its $294 extra to have american made on the bottom of your bearing. You can buy 3 sets of the Turkish bearing and honestly they are holding up just as long as the american, I see no difference in longetivity.
    I think as a Country if we toughen up Tariffs on Imports to compensate for the cheaper operation and labor costs it will slow China products. Its sad when 1 person builds a house, buys his materials from China, pays for it to be shipped here, then trucked to location, he could be in his materials quite a bit less than if bought locally.
    Actually talking to these Australian, Ukraine, and Great British people its the same way for them and America than us and China. An Australian can buy a Bad Boy Outlaw here for $6999, pay me to have it crated, delivered to California, then shipped to their country. They are in the machine well under $10000, but have no warranty. Same machine is over $13000 there, and some do it that way because even if motor went out they could order motor from here and be in motor less than $1500. The big difference is our country builds much better mowers than their country for less money so they go to the trouble. One of these days China is gonna realize that knock-off is not the best, once they figure out they can build a better mower or car than we have and offer for thousands less, we will have no choice.
    My posts are like writing books,
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    GMLC- I keep forgetting my apologies. I will get some up ASAP
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    I would rather buy something that is assembled here. Plants employ a lot of people. Most "american" companies items are assembled overseas and shipped back here. Sure the CEO's and big wigs sit here in their fancy offices but what percentage of the company is made up by the CEO's. Atleast being assembled here they are helping employ people.
  5. LawnMowerKing10

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    World Lawn is assembled in the US
  6. Mowingman

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    Actually, Worldlawn bought out Encore, and is using their factory in Beatrice.
  7. dstifel

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    That is the point I'm making
  8. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    You guys saying you would pay a little more for American, should be saying you would buy American no matter what the price difference is. I don't consider double the price a little more. $5000 vs $6000 for same machine is a little more, $5000 vs $10,000 is not little! Sorry, but it hit a nerve when i read, "pay a little more"
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    The Worldlawn mowers just look cheap and do not have the reputation that the likes of Scag, Toro, Exmark, ect have. How is the cut quality? How long is it expected to last for a full time LCO? What is the quality of the steel they use ?

    I do not care where it was made, but I will pay much more for something that is quality and built well.

    If you want something that is priced well, of great build quality and made in the USA get a Snapper Pro.
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  10. 944own

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    Had to have my exmark lazer serviced for a oil leak. It was the hose that goes to the oil cooler. On the side of the hose (made in China). Guess I should have not bought a exmark. LOL

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