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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bumpmaster, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I was also around the auto industry before the Japanese car invasion. It really was american arrogance that did the big three in. They were producing garbage in the 70's and 80's knew it and could care less. Worst part they were capable of making great vehicles. They would call Toyota Honda and Nissan Jap crap, make statements like "the sun rises and sets when GM says". Really stupid stuff. I'm not saying what Exmark Scag Deere etc should do except not to underestimate anyone. Maybe think about pricing. After Exmark quoted me almost $10000 for a walkbehind brand loyalty erodes quickly.
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    Ill post pics of a friends world lawn mower he just picked up later today. Has 200 hours, he got the warranty transferred to him and only paid $2000. We retrofit an exmark ultravac he had to it because he didn't like their baggers.
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  3. kc2006

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    Here's a pic of the mower. Not bad for $3000 total investment and about 6 hours getting the bagger fit. He was a diehard exmark guy for 18 years but the crazy prices they want anymore made him decide to try worldlawn. We'll see how it does this year.

  4. johnvosburg

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    I know kawaski are made or built in IL. Only down side is, it is a no usa company. Just like toyota.
  5. johnvosburg

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    That is alot for a walkbehind. Exmark prices are way to high. I will take my chances with my cheaper mower. cause belts dont last for ever. I have a 36" Bradley walkbehind. The only thing that broke on it was the belt. The rest of my problems was self done.
  6. LawnMowerKing10

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    They are assembled in the Encore plant.
  7. Richard Martin

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    You guys act like the sun rises and sets when Exmark says. I have news for you. There are competitively priced American made mowers and lots of them. Bobcat, Ferris, Hustler, Grasshopper, Gravely. The list goes on well beyond this. Exmark has priced themselves out of the market. So? That doesn't mean you have to go running for the cheapest piece of crap out there.
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    Maybe there too, but I know a lot of Kawasaki lawn mower engines are assembled in Missouri. I think the parts are made in Japan. Just like a Redmax, built in Japan, assembled in America.

    I have no problem buying quality Japanese or German stuff. China is a our enemy, I don't want to purchase from them. Plus, China manufactures junk 90% of the time.
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    I have a 28" walk behind it is a walk behind single belt to drive each single tire steel spindles don't have a grease thing where you put grease gun but I take the pulley out steel pulley and lift the spacer and that way i can grease them it has debre shield it is a solid machine

    I am just staring in this business (I am 19) if God let me live longer I will try my best to stay away from this Chinese stuff and get the FORD F250 (God Bless Henry Ford) that I want I hopefully will be buying a Grasshopper 321D 48"
  10. Jig hook

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    I looked at toro, scag today...I have a John Deere...piece of junk...then I saw the cobras an demoed one...very smooth an extra 2000 in pocket..Im sold... Heck they built the engine..most important part of a chinese mower:hammerhead:

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