WorldLawn World Lawn 28 Vs Toro 30" Timemaster, Sarlo BigMo, Exmark Commercial 30

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by roody2333, Oct 15, 2017.

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    The WorldLawn 28" is better than these. Here's why:

    WorldLawn 28:
    -zero turn steering.
    -344cc Briggs engine or Honda GXV340 337cc.
    -floating deck change height in 10 seconds without tools.
    -safety features kill engine as soon as handle is let go of if the mower is in drive or blades are engaged - won't have a runaway mower.
    -peerless transmission gearbox (not asinine plastic gears that strip like Toro's possibly used in the 30").

    If I'm not mistaken, the Sarlo doesn't have powered steering which is just a deal breaker. Don't get me wrong I like to work out but I don't really think mowing should be turned into a workout. If you cut only 1 lawn, it probably doesn't matter but you don't want to manually 180° turn a 300lb Sarlo all day.
    The Sarlo does have reverse though and the WorldLawn doesn't but unless you're pulling it backwards up a hill or something, the WL just rolls back rather easily. In this same category I'll also add the Cub Cadet 33" and Troy Bilt 33" - they're powerful 400+cc mowers that fit through most gates but they don't have powered steering.

    The older model Toro 30" is only 190cc (the same as most regular 21" push mowers) which just isn't enough power to run dual 15" blades, and there's also power lost from the belts and pulleys system vs a small 21" has the blade connected to the engine shaft for optimal power. They could probably have made the 30" one single 30" blade like the Toro 32" T-bar has but I don't know why they went with multiple pulleys and belts. Same with the 28" world lawn, maybe they could have made it just one blade but it still has enough engine power to cut anything I've put it up against - I've cut like 3' grass and brush with side discharging with no struggle in first gear (not trying to just zip though it on fast gear which is just asking too much from any mower).

    The Toro 30" deck cakes up worse than any mower I've used, especially if used for mulching, and more so if the grass is damp or if it's something like dense crabgrass or weeds that hold a lot of water. Some say it's because the deck is too shallow or something.
    All I know is when I first discovered the 30" toro I was really happy and though it would outperform a regular 190cc 22" by far, but after owning a Toro 30" for most of a season, I ended up using a 22" 190cc Toro more because it was much faster and had minimal clipping cake up. A lot of people are saying the same exact thing - they end up using a 21-22" push mower instead of the toro 30".
    I know a lot of people are happy with their Toro 30, and I'm not going to insist you sell it for a 28-32" WorldLawn but I think it's clear the WL28 has the Toro 30" beat.

    For around $1,500 delivered, you can get an electric start 28" WorldLawn from Lowes or Home Depot (not electric start), with the briggs engine which I actually prefer than the Honda which is a few hundred bucks more. This is basically risk free, if you really felt like it, you could return it used and get something else like a toro 30 but I don't think most people would return this. You can also get/buy %10 off Lowe's and Home Depot, and some dealers carry WorldLawn and run sales. It's only about $500 more than a Toro 30".

    You could also of course get a 32" WBH Scag, toro, exmark etc for like $3,500+ but you can buy 2 WorldLawns for the price of one of those. Husqvarna does have a 32" WBH for around $2,500 but I don't see much reason to even get that vs the WL for $1,500. I did have to wait about 6 weeks for a backordered WorldLawn part (but other parts I've gotten in about a week which is normal for parts sites, once it was 2 weeks), but my model is almost 12 years old, so probably the newer model's parts aren't backordered.
    You won't find worldlawn parts cheap or used on ebay or amazon like you might the Toro 30 which is a plus for the Toro if you need a wheel or transmission or cable etc, but not much should really break on the WorldLawn - keep a few spare belts, spare tire tubes, maybe a spare outer tire, and if you break something that you have to order from a parts site that's possibly backordered, you should have a back up mower in the meantime.

    The newer Toro 30" is 223cc, the older Toro 30 was 190cc = %16 power increase. I think they also upgraded the tranmission but it may still be plastic gears.
    The 344cc World lawn is %43 stronger than the new 223cc Toro 30, and %58 stronger than the 190cc Toro 30.

    Even if you cut weekly and side discharge or bag, instead of mulching which requires more engine power, the Toro 30 might struggle. If you cut every two weeks, forget it - you're probably better off just using a 190cc 21-22" push mower than the Toro 30". Then there's the ease of maneuverability with the zero turn of the WorldLawn vs something with small hard plastic tires. Another thing is I think most people think the lawn looks better with the stripes from pneumatic tires vs lines made from hard plastic wheels.

    With any of these mowers, you can't just pick it up and throw it into a truck bed like a 22" can. The toro 30 is only 140lbs but it's as wide and bulky as 140lbs can be - it's the perfect example of how not to dead lift. You need a trailer or at least ramps with any of these mowers. One plus for the Toro is that it's so light that if something serious were to break like the engine, axle/wheel or transmission, it's light enough to just push it up the ramps. The WorldLawn is about 350lbs and if you can't get it to run and drive, it could be a PITA to push up ramps. (If you need ramps, I recommend 10' aluminum folding ramps. They hold up about 1,250 lbs per pair. They can be had for around $200 shipped online. I highly recommend not using those sketchy $25 brackets you attach to a 2x8 on the flat to use as a ramp. The aluminum ramps have rungs also so they are not slippery, you can load a large snowblower with ice everywhere with no problem. Use the anti kickout straps for unloading always. I had 6' metal ramps but the 10'ers have less of a slope making it easier to load and unload.

    In summary, and I'm really not trying to start an argument with people who like Toro/eXmark 30" but for about $500 more you can have %43 more power plus zero turning is well worth it. I would like at least one person considering the WorldLawn 28 to go ahead and buy one and tell their testimony. You can most likely return it used if you don't like it for whatever reason. I just think the WorldLawn 28" dominates the gate-seize mower market but it's not talked about much because it's sort of a hidden gem. People go crazy for the Toro 30. I think it might have been their best selling model in the past couple years but I think the WL is much better - if they had the WL28 on display in stores at Home Depot/Lowes or if more dealers carried them, then I think they'd be dominating the gate-sized mower market instead of the Toro 30" or 21" 190cc Hondas etc. A Scag/eXmark/Toro 32" is also just as good if not slightly better than the WL28 and has all the same benefits of the WL28 over the Toro 30/Sarlo/21-22" but I don't think they're worth more than twice the price of a WL28/WL32.

    There are 14" gators blades for the 28" WorldLawn, and a side cloth bag for around $100 shipped which takes up less space than a metal catcher. There's no velkie/sulky for the 28", but if you really wanted to attach one you might be able to and not overwork the transmission but I'm not sure about that. I don't think there's a striping kit but those are pretty easy to make if you want.
    You're welcome.

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    But it's not better than any since you have to wait on backordered parts for weeks and making posts complaining on here. I can get toro parts all over jersey and I dislike the 30 resi after owing two. I'll never buy world lawn. As I suggested try a good dealer. Your words you'd rather buy 2 more WL than a scag or any walk behind. Not being rude but it's very comical
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    Some pictures of mentioned mowers:
    cub Cadet 33"

    TroyBilt 33"

    Toro timemaster 30"

    Sarlo BigMo 30"


    Toro 32" T bar
    WorldLawn 28"
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    Yeah I had to wait 6 weeks for a backordered WL28 part for a model that's almost 12 years old. It's not totally uncommon for parts for main brands like Toro to be backordered either- I googled that and verified. All the other parts I got in a week or so which is standard. All the other parts I broke (belts, a belt guide etc) were my own fault for being new to this type of mower, as were the long threads I made about them, sorry. All mower brands have parts that break.

    I think a back up mower is a must, making waiting a week or so for a part no problem. Yes 6 weeks for a backordered part is long enough that the back up mower can break in that time, but I'm guessing the newer models replaceable parts aren't often backordered. I'd rather just order a part online and use a back up in the meantime than spend time going to a dealer for parts. I don't think having a dealer for parts negates having a back-up machine even if the dealer has every part you'd ever need and never has to order the part themselves.

    If you have a gate-size mower and a dealer with parts readily available, then that's fine though if that works for you - that means it must be a main brand like eXmark/Scag/Toro and I said those 32"s are just as good as the WL if not slightly better in features, but I would rather have two WL28s for the price of one of those.

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    But have you been to a local dealer? I wouldn't think twice buying from a good one in my area, I guess your missing my point, reliability and availability go far in any business.. good luck to you.
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    I couldn't get a part for BS Vanguard that was 5 years old.....
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    There is so much misinformation about the toro 30 here I don't even know where to begin. the op does even own one yet^......... There is so much clueless dribble in the OP I am speechless. When I have a spare hour I will destroy his analysis.
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    What is it you like about the Briggs over the Honda?
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    So your saying that 6 weeks is an ok wait now......what about earlier?
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    The Toro 30 is a just a Very Heavy Push Mower.

    Total garbage. It's made for homeowners and Mow Crews who either don't understand how to run Cimmercial Walks or who don't have the accounts to justify the eXpense.
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