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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by FOL, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Wax was one thing that crossed my mind ... wonder how it would stand up in that type of scenario. Keep informed. :)
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    guys, and other gals, the 4x8 worm bin that FOL posted will just keep a 100 gallon tea brewer in cast at the rate i use them, more castst and less time to grow out the tea = better tea IMO, and start to top dress with casts and that 4x8 bed is like one yards worth, for me to keep a 150 acre shedule it takes 2, 24x48 foot beds working over time, to make 24 tons of casts a month, on a good to great month... every time i see a pail or tote bin it gives me a warm fuzzy.................

    4x8 worm bin is about what it takes to do 4 acres at best!!!!IMHO
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    Do you make thermophilic compost as well or just worm compost? Terra cycle said vermicompost is worth $1000 per ton.
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    With the high level of organic waste to feed that amount of worms where do you get it and what does it consist of?
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    DISCLAIMER! Don't follow what I say with out confirmation from the "elders". These are just my thoughts. Elders is not used here to mean old...

    Cow dung! WOO HOO! Got a big dairy farm up the street... thats my thinking anyways, and then move on to the horse farms possibly? How do the worms do with shavings? Grass clippings from the MILLIONS of lawn care companies that are dieing for a place to put them, I know I was, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

    DISCLAIMER! I may be wrong on a few of these, just my thoughts.
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    I'm not trying to make the elders think i'm stupid or anything else either. I learn quick. I'm trying to learn about this subject to gain experience in the field. All I know is that both of the ways I compost work with no problems. Thermophilic compost ready in 21 days. Vermicompost takes longer but more potent. I just want to know the best ingredients and where to get them. Maybe starbucks?
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    From what I understand just about anything but meat and something else... I forget what that second one was.
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    nothing citrus it will kill the worms.
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    You can put citrus in just in moderation!
    My worms love all sorts of citrus stuff. They really love grapefruite. I do make sure I add a little extra calcium when add the citrus stuff.
    Everything should be put in, in moderation!
    I once put to much tomato stuff in. We were processing tomato's to make tomato sause and I put a lot of seeds and more into the worm bin. I did add extra calcium but it was till to much tomato stuff. What a mess. So things should go in, in moderation!

    Dairy products are not a good idea to add at all.
    No poo from dogs, cats or humans.
    No glass, metal, or plastic (unless it is corn based plastic that will break down in water).
    Most say do not put meat or bones in either.

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