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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by HeartOfTexas, Apr 26, 2008.

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    There is a company in NJ that makes an organic lawn fertilizer product that is sold in Home Depots & Wal-Marts. The company is called Terracycle and makes a variety of products from worm castings or worm poop. The bottles are hooked up to a garden hose and sprayed over the lawn.

    Does anyone know how liguified worm poop would compare in effectiveness to compost tea? Compost tea would have living organisms and I guess this would not.

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    When you think about microbes surviving any given process.

    It is good to remember that a lot of extra special effort is gone through to ensure microbes - do NOT survive food preparation.

    If there really is AM fungi in the gut of the worm that survive and would have reproduced in the soil - chances are reasonable, it may reproduce in the area sprayed.[that is an 'IF' because we never got verification on whether it is true]
    Generally microbes are easier to spread -like, influenza - than they are to kill.

    They 'sporoform' rather than die.
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    Maybe Tim Wilson will chime in here, he was the one looking through the scope. I believe he said he looked at the terracycle stuff and saw no biology. He added some molasses and some bacteria grew out.

    Anything you could do with fresh vermicompost would be much better than the commercial product in my opinion. I worry that these guys will give vermicompost a bad name as I believe there is not much value in their product, this is my personal opinion and is not based on any data.

    It may look like I have a biased opinion (maybe I do), I'll stay out of this topic
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    Using my own vermicompost is kind of what I was thinking also. I guess though, the thing that is so appealing with the Terracyle product is that it is so convenient. Instead of having a tank on your truck holding gallons of compost tea you can attach 68 oz. bottles to a garden house. But of course the main factor is that the product has to be effective.

    Thanks for your input.

  5. lawncuttinfoo

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    No value? I snapped a pic of the label, there is definitely is a countable value as proven with their "guaranteed analysis".

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    is that a joke, .02 N thats it spit has more n in it than that, and there is nothing really alive in it and after it goes through the nozzle it is all dead, you would get more nutrition from boiled grass clippings, or corn flakes. it was a nice try young tom zacky put his best into it, but with almost 50 lbs in 200 gallons of water you cannot see through a test tube of my stuff, and counts that would blow your mind!!!
    also tried to put some of my tea in a bottle, it blew up in 4 hours!!!!!!!!!to much living going on in there.

    FYI i have a scope and have looked its pretty scarce
  7. 44DCNF

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    I am using his worm casting spikes for some plantings and have used a bottle of the compost tea spray but I believe I will do better with my own pile. I don't think I will purchase any more from terracycle, only because I am all set up (on a small scale) for making compost, tea, and castings (well I just feed the worms and they make the castings, hehe). I just screened about sixty gallons (post screening) of compost today. Brewed about 15 gallons of tea and applied 5 G so far to some flowers. Those quantities embarrass me in the company of the likes treegal and Bill.
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    I saw a piece on Terracycle on TV, it might have been "How It's Made". The concept of the company is really cool as everything's recycled, but the end product doesn't look to good when checking out the results on Tim's website, www.microbeorganics.com
  9. treegal1

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    we started in a 5 gallon bucket, there's no shame in this game, 5 gallons will go a long way with good casts and compost. 1 just 1 bacterium can reproduce something like9 to the 7th power in only 24 hours, so a good brew? 5 gallons will get you there!
  10. treegal1

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    i think, and this is a shared opinion here,that good worm casts are the fastest way and safest way to make compost tea, and if you dont want to make tea mix some corn meal and wheat flour with powdered molasses and worm casts, just sprinkle on the ground and water it in, the brew will happen in the ground, it will take longer but thats the sacrifice.

    you can also get some of the benefits of tea with just some good old compost!!!

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