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i have a major worm problem on one of the lawns that i care for, really making a mess out of the yard. i have tried a couple of things to get rid of them but no success, anyone have any experience in this area, tips?
thanks in advance for your help.

the worms are great for the soil, but they are alway raising up and leaving bumps everywhere, this particular lawn is mowed down to about 3/4 of an inch so your see all little dirt spots, also very rough

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How are they making a mess? I am probably missing something here, but I've always thought that worms are an excellent sign. The more worms the healthier the soil. Earthworms help prevent soil compaction along with other benefits. Worms are a sign of a soil rich with organic material.

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I had a worm problem in my yard two years ago, the following
season I had the best looking lawn ever, those worms are
depositing soil castings, what you referred to as bumps.
This is helping feed the lawn, because of all the organic matter the worms are sturring up,so let them be.

Good Luck!


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Think of the worms as core aeration workers. And their doing it for free! :)


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You say 3/4 of an inch cut? I don't think my deck goes that low. Try raising up your cut by 1/2 a inch. Maybe that will help hide your problem. Worms are great for the soil like everyone has previously said.