Worn out mesh on my gate

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by watatrp, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. watatrp

    watatrp LawnSite Senior Member
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    What's the best way to replace the metal mesh on my trailer gate? It's stretched out in a few places from use and pulled away from the steel.
  2. Greenkeepers

    Greenkeepers LawnSite Senior Member
    from NE Ohio
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    Ours has done the same thing... We're going to cut the existing off and weld on some new stuff. Too many trips up and down with the bobcat killed ours...
  3. watatrp

    watatrp LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 511

    Where would one find this mesh stuff?
  4. KD'sLawns

    KD'sLawns LawnSite Member
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    You need to get in touch with someone that welds. Then, look in the yellow pages under iron, metal, or steel and find a company that sales expanded metal. The "metal mesh" that you refer to is called expanded metal and they come in an assortment of gauges. The places that you find in the yellow pages will have sample pieces that you can match the gauge, or you can upgrade the gauge of expanded metal to a little bigger gauge. But remember if you do get a larger gauge, your lift gate will weigh more.
    Another way, would be to look in the yellow pages under trailer sales and service. These people that build trailers should be able to replace the expanded metal and weld it on all in the same place. Shouldn't take too long.
  5. Eric ELM

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    I welded extra angle iron on my gate when I got the trailer new about 5 years ago, where the wheels go up the gate to give it extra strength. The mesh is still in good shape on mine. It did give it more weight, but that is when I added my gate lift.
  6. eslawns

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    I am assuming (Always dangerous, I know ;) ) that you are not a proficient welder. Welding expanded metal is more difficult than angle. Since this would be on your gate, I would suggest letting someone do it that can do it right.

    The problem you have is that the EM on the gate is fatigued. The damage comes from too much weight. What Eric suggested about welding added support where the wheels usually are is the best way to keep from damaging the EM.

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