Worried about weld breaking

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  1. promower

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    Bought an accelerator bagger. Had to remove the clip that that goes over the lip of the deck and move it back 1/2 inch. Was wondering if anyone had a problem with clip breaking at the weld. Worried that with weight of the grass in the bagger and the mower bouncing up and down when im using it, it will break?? It's only aluminum and its not a real big clip. About 2-3 inches long, and 1-1 1/2 deep. Any advice or first hand expierences would be great. Thanks Matt
  2. vipermanz

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    i wouldnt' really worry about the weld breaking, but i don't know the exact situation of the clip
  3. hoffmanlandscaping

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    You shouldn't have to worry about the weld breaking as long as whom every tigged it made sure the alluminum was clean and got plenty of pentatration. The tensile strenght of the weld is greater than the metal welded to if done properly. You should not have any problems as long as the flange is not alwas getting bent back and forth causing the base metal to break right above the weld that will be your weakest point and if that happens just weld it again and possible put in a support.

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