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worse thing to happen when a mower got away from you ?


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Syracuse, NY
whats the worst thing to happen to you when a mower got away from you ?<br>I had a customer once drive a mower off a 6 ft retaining wall into a parking lot once, the mower lost traction at the top of the hill and on a slight incline (dew on the hill), customer rode it out (went down with the ship) ended up on pavement, he was ok, mower was not so good (compact z mower) we put it right side up and straightened the steering out and went mowing again !!<br>needless to say he did not buy it, and i had some explaining to do when i got back to the store !!<br>this was a new unit on a sales demo......

AB Lawn Care

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I had a real funny and yet scarry time last year.We bought a scag 36'' 14hp dual hydro walk-behind.The speed lever was getting stiff and I got the smart idea of taking some lube oil and giving it a squirt.Little did I know this would make the lever to loose.You would be cuting at half speed and hit a little bump or somthing and then the lever would go to full on its own becouse it was over oiled.As you can tell this would cause some problems!My dad was cutting the curb on a 4 lane highway,and might I add a very busy highway.It popped into full speed an he lost control he went over the curb and on to the highway flew back over the curb and on the lawn before he could get it under control.Had a trasport truck been in his way I would not be laughing about it today!I had a good laugh and he did not think it was very funny!About 3 weeks later I did the same thing on an other highway and then he got to laugh at me!Last year we where able to fix the problem thanks to our dealer.Its funny to think about now but when I was being flung around behind that mower onto the highway I was a little less humored about it!!!!!!<p>from:adam<p>AB Lawn Care
This happened to me when I was just a young pup. Where I work, it's all hills. I opened my dad's trailer to get down the Lawnboy. Turned my back, next thing I know, the Tru Cut reel mower rolled down the ramp, went all the way down the hill,(at least block & 1/2) finaly stopping after running into a motorcyle. Knocked it over, causing a fire from the ruptured gas tank. Guess who worked all summer long to pay off that mistake?<br>Jean<p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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Although i cant say that i have had a mower run away from me, the one at my work was known to have one of the handles let go and it would do doughnuts! I would have loved to see that. As far as my experience with the mower, the first time i tried it was in front of a commercial parking lot. I had never used a &quot;squeeze the lever to not go anywhere&quot; mower. Well lets just say that the perimeter run was probably not the best place to start because first i ran it all the way under a wide tree. Then, I ran it into a metal light pole literally 6 times in 10 seconds! It just kept leaping up the pole, leaving dents. Finally i was on a straight part, right next to the parking lot. All was going well for about 30 feet when i noticed a relatively big rock in the grass. I was trying to avoid it and tapped the handle to turn... but tapped the wrong one!!! The front of the mower became airborne and i had to try as hard as possible to not demolish the rear panel of a truck that was parked right on the edge of the pavement. Luckily i did miss It and got the hang of the mower. A lady that was working in a store came out and said that had planned to move her car since it looked like the mower was to big for me. Id say i was fine since i had to yank the mower away from the truck, working against the machine. Thats my story and im stickin too it!


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The second day I had my Exmark Lazer Z, I was mowing my lawn and it was wet and I went beside the house by a ditch. The ditch is 9FT. DEEP! My front wheel bumped the air conditioning unit's cement slab, which started me sliding. My mower slid to the edge of the ditch to where it drops off, and it flipped straight backwards toward me! On the way down, by the grace of God, my little hitch for my trailer dug into the dirt which turned it on its side before it slammed into the bottom of the drainage ditch. By instinct I guess I jumped the opposite way when it turned towards its side on the way down. I had to pull my foot out from under it. It is soft ground so my foot was fine. Not even a bruise on my body at all! It was so scary though. My mower had no damage either! That's why I am going to buy a Exmark for my next mower when I buy another, THEIR BUILT LIKE A ROCK! So that's my story.

AGG Lawn Maintenance

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I once had a guy ask to try out one of my 48&quot; mowers in a apartment complex. He told me he knew how to use 48&quot;.... So needless to say I Let him try it out. He turned on the blades ran up two stairs onto a pourch. (with the blades on) I Didn't get in a trouble but learned to let guys try mowers only in very very very open areas even if they say &quot;I know how to use it&quot; LoL Now :)<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance<br>