Worst Client Thusfar

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Aug 28, 2013.

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    We're starting this job tomorrow and she will be there in the morning.

    I normally wear bulky t-shirts that conceal a lot. Being the playboy that I am, Tomorrow I am purposely wearing a wife beater and she can drool over all this and be like "damn, I'm a deprived wife, and the contractor that I was yelling at has got it goin on"! HAHA!
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    All you had to say was that local ordinances do not allow it. Not sure about there, but you fire up and excavator, compactor, jackhammer or similar on a Sunday or holiday there is a good chance you'll be getting a visit from the local PD. Actually, I had to look up the local noise laws the other day because we had an issue with an irritated neighbor and if you want to get real technical half the power tools on the market exceed the maximum DB level. In my case my Husky saw exceeds the limit by 4 DB according to the plate. Years ago it's not like the cops would show up with a noise meter, but now every wacko with an Iphone is a detective.
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    He shouldn't be firing any of the above up for $1200.00 a day. Maybe the excavator. Maybe.

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