Worst Day Yet

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by regnort, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. regnort

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    I know you all have had some bad days I just wonder if any were worse than the day I had today (I mean at work, not any tragic loss). Well it started with only 1.5 hrs sleep and got worse from there. I am a firefighter and like most I have a couple jobs. Anyway as I stated before I had a long night and was scheduled to instruct a confined space rescue class at a local university where I work, I also cut the grass at this facility and sense there were going to be other instructors there I figured I would double dip and take 2 hrs and get paid for an extra day ($160, they pay me for a day when I cut even if I am instructing). After stopping by my house to pick up my equipment my truck wouldn't start, while getting ol' Black Betty running I smashed my finger cut the tip and still can't feel anything in the tip, but no big deal. Well after cutting with my main mower I decided to jump on my backup and do some trimming under some spots my Z won't reach, well after about five minutes while backing up the mower turns to the left, I look back and see a huge cloud of white smoke and oil going everywhere. I shut it down and next I see flames rising from around the engine cowling, so I jump off the mower and scramble for an extingtuisher. When the fire is out, I see a busted hydro hose and the tear is directed right into the exhaust which is why it caught fire. I decided then to wait until tomorrow to remove the hose and try to replace it as soon as possible. I was able to finish the class a little early, and decided since I was already hot and dirty I would hit one of my accounts on the way home to try and stay ahead of the rain, well with about 10 min left to cut, dripping with sweat and clippings stuck to my safety glasses I hang my deck on a small stump. Instead of taking my time and looking to see how bad its hung I give it the old grunt method pull my sticks back and snatch it off. Guess what, I bent a baffle on the deck enough to catch the blade. Now instead of 10 min I'm beating and banging under the deck for a half hour so I can at least finish. I Felt like one of the crew at Bristol Sat night, but I get it spinning again and finish up. Well after no sleep and a day from he11 I'm finally heading home and my wife calls to remind me about my son at soccer practice, turn around stupid:cry: Needless to say I took it slow all the way home and was a very curteous driver the whole way. Anyway I'm here no worse for the wear, but I sure hope it picks up a little tomorrow. And for all of you that had a great day, its good to know somebody did.

  2. rkbrown

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    Hopefully you got all the troubles for the week (or more hoefully the month) out of the way and the rest of it will be a breeze for you. Thats what I hope for you anyway !!! :)
  3. fblandscape

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    I too had a bad day :( This evening I got beaten up by my best friend of 9 years. After that it was mutually agreed upon that we should end our friendship.
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    Sounds like a lot of bad days here today!
    Hope EVERYONE has a GREAT day tommorow!
    Just keep in mind that each day you wake up it's a pretty good day,the rest is all backround noise.
  5. TRex

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    I bought my first Exmark today and I have to try to keep myselp from regreting it but as always everyting always turns out for the best just try to stay as positive as you can and maybe you would have got into a car accident if those things wouldn't have happened. timing is every thing.
  6. Scag48

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    Regret buying an Exmark? NEVER! :D I've had some bad days. The day I broke my shoulder and realized I wouldn't be able to work for 6 weeks (4 more weeks to go!) was the worst I have faced yet. It will get better.
  7. Rustic Goat

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    regnort, sounds like you're your own worst enemy. Sorry, just have no empathy for some guy bragging about "double dipping", being paid to be on duty as a firefighter and wanting more buy cutting at the same time.
    You get paid buy the city right, mucho benefits too, wonder how they'd appreciate the fact that you're getting paid, not doing your job, and getting paid again by grass cutting.
    For the stump part, you can only abuse equipment so much before it fights back.
  8. MOW ED

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    Rough day and then you are getting beat by others here.

    Hope today goes smoother.
  9. NickN

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    Had a lousy day yesterday also.Got home from my full time job and got ready for an afternoon nap(since I didn't have a lawn to mow yesterday).Realtor calls and says they have someone that wants to see the house.They'll be there in an hour.
    I get the dog and put her in her pen outside.She never stays in there.She's either in the backyard or the house.
    Well,I'm plucking dead heads off of some petunias and I keep hearing her yelp.I figure she just wants out of the pen so I continue plucking.Finally,her yelps don't sound normal so I go to investigate.Yellow Jackets everywhere and she's getting hammered.Seems they built a nest inside the pen.I try to let her out but I'm getting hammered all over the head so I run back to the house.My 10 year old daughter is screaming and crying by now after I tell what's happened and to help me into my coveralls.INSULATED coveralls.
    It's 94 degrees outside and I'm running out there in my coveralls with an insulated coat over my head for more protection.I finally get the pooch out and we go up to the house where she just falls over and won't move.She's throwing up and shivering.
    I call the wife and she decides to come home to meet the realtor so I can take the dog to the vet.Luckily,she's ok and so am I.I got 4 or 5 stings on my noggin.No telling how many she got.
    I got my revenge last night.Went out after dark and sprayed all in the hole with wasp and hornet killer.Little s.o.b.'s.
    Hope that's it for the week.
  10. Lawn Tek

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    Gasoline & Diesel fuel would have been much more revengeful !:D

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