Worst employee experience 2018

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rclawn, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Delmarva Keith

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    But one bad thing is some of the potential hires are customers who just cancelled your services ‘cause they’re out of work. :eek:
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  2. Mark Oomkes

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    My wife can barely stand 1 of me...
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  3. eggy

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    We hired a guy gave him $12.00 a hour to start no benefits of any kind that way he got Obamacare, A winter lay off and no work when it rains either so lots of days off..Let him run the weed eater all day when it’s hot.. want him to be on time not 5 minutes late,( always had a excuse of getting the kids to daycare... come on we can’t wait 5 minutes for this who offers a flexiable schedule this is 2018 !) bring his lunch eat it when we decide to stop...differently not stop for a soda bathroom break ( always to good to pee on a house corner!).and you know what? He found a new job! That’s right! Said he needed health insurance, retirement a set schedule and year round work... you just can’t find anyone who wants to work anymore.
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  4. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    Had one show up to work and had been drinking. I found out when we were doing a leaf cleanup and he staggered to the truck sat on the tailgate and fell asleep. My client walked out and I quickly met with him before he got closer and told him he wasn't feeling well so I took him home and gave him his final check.:hammerhead:
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  5. JFGLN

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    I appreciate Brian's sarcasm. Haha. How to fix? Raise prices? Yes!!! So you can offer these benefits.
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  6. eggy

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    :drinkup:When I talk to a some guys and they tell me whats offered and then what they expect I think?? Well?? It’s a hard job to fill that’s for sure... anyway didn’t mean to hijack the thread.. I love reading the stories...JFGLN I see your a old timer too...
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  7. JFGLN

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    Wait.. what?.. I'm not old. Haha. But I have been on here awhile.
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  8. JFGLN

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    I figured out awhile back the key is to offer year round employment. Employees like some time off during the winter...right?? Who doesn't? But time off with no money sucks!
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  9. Koehn's Lawn Service

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    It is very sad. Every body I talked to this year struggled with there help quitting or they had to fire them. Than you just flat can't find help. It stinks but in our profession u just struggle to find help because in our field u can only pay so much so it's not like we have a whole lot to choose from and being seasonal work it's tough. Unless u are a huge company that can pay ur crew leaders a good high wage or a salary and keep them through the winter. It's funny where I'm at u watch these guys that have worked for lawn care companies jump around company to company and getting fired for the same reasons they were fired from previous company but everyone is so desperate for help ur willing to take that chance with them lol. The help situation sucks now days and I'm only dealing with 1 employee but if something happens I'm mowing 7 days a week to get through 140 accounts. I have buddies dealing with 5 to 10 employees man I wouldn't want there headaches from there stories.
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  10. gcbailey

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    Thankfully I've always had good long term guys, it's the seasonal guys that's the issue (always are).....

    Gave a guy his first paycheck and he was like "what's this".... Uh, your paycheck? "You don't pay cash!?!?!?" He quit.

    Another guy, literally his first paycheck too. No issue with the check but questioned why he had taxes, WC, unemployment, etc.... all taken out. He did last a month.

    Can't count the number of parents who call for their, I'm guessing, early 20's children.

    I'm at the point, if you are under 35 don't even bother applying. I've got 2 guys 50+ who's been with the business 15 and 12 years respectively. Best guys ever! If I could clone them I would.
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