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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BigJlittleC, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. BigJlittleC

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    What's the worst thing you purchased for your company?

    A few seasons back I bought an old Toro 30. I'm talking 1950's old. Damn thing was lawn art in a barn. I drove 3 hours away to see. Paid $300. Yeah ,I know heard it all already from the wife. Well got a 2nd motor for it and a box of extra parts. Probably would have gotten anyways but anything to make myself feel better for dropping 3 bills on some scrap metal worth about $50. Oh well I figured I could get em to run and throw on some paint and I got a tank of a mower. Dang thing is all of its 150 lbs of rusting metal. I say it's the worst purchase because neither motor can run and parts haven't been made in over 30 years for it. I've refuse to throw it out as it's a nice rusty reminder that some of my ideas are turds.

    So what's the worst thing you bought?
  2. rclawn

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    Stihl FC 111 edger. It isn’t a bad tool... but I’ve only used it like 3 times. I bought it for my first HOA contract because the previous company never edged. Like 2 miles of edging. But a string trimmer without the guard suffices on about any non edged lawn. I lost the contract the next season and it has been collecting dust ever since
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  3. Cam15

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    My first walk behind mower. Thing was probably about 20 or 30yrs old. Bought it for $300 I think, it died within 2 months the middle bearing went along with the engine at the same time. A good reminder that just cause its a good price doesn't mean its a good deal.
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  4. CCangler

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    Got a good deal on pre season stockup for Red Max 2 cycle a few years ago. Lost a lot of equipment because the dye was so weak and the guys would fill cans thinking they would add the oil later since it was the 2.5 gal indivudals not bulk
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  5. No gloves

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    Crapsmam leaf vaccum.does the job on leaves,but a mower is faster bagging or mulching.dewalt 40v power equipment. Thankfully I was able to get decent money back on the dewalt
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  6. MowDaddy

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    Bought a brand new 33" cub cadet walk behind. $1100. That was 10 yrs ago. Still have it. Only has about 15 hrs on. Figured it would be an emergency back up mower for the 50" cub cadet zero turn tractor mower I also bought new. Second worse purchase. I Only put 400 hrs on it and had $700 in repairs. Traded it in on my first Gravely 9 yrs ago, and never again purchase a cub.
    Unless they really step it up.
    Live and learn. But the did get me thru my first year.
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  7. Mowing monkey.

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    Not lawn related but my worst purchase was a ruggedmade brand log splitter. It’s done a lot of work so I can’t fault it for that but I’ve broken pretty much everything that could be broken on it.

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  8. TPendagast

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    I can’t say I’ve bought anything wrong in a long time

    I’m going to go with a used truck or two
    A few of them have not been worth the purchase
  9. RussellB

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    Gravely leaf vac. Can you say worthless? Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Pun intended.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    First yr full time got a used plow truck w payments - Bad move. Looked spotless but was rusting from inside out. $5k in repairs in one season and still wasn’t running right. Sold it for maybe $3-4K. Huge waste of $$.
    2nd year full time - bought a 2nd mower used bobcat walk behind to care for one large account thats on an island ....that spring I lost the account after 10 years. Mower sat in my garage all summer and I sold it for what I bought it for.
    Snow equipment in general worst ROI.

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