Worst Starting Year Yet

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lwelve, Mar 31, 2010.

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    lol i hear you, i am starting to cut tomorrow and i lost a few people and the calls im getting this year everyone is like oh can you do it every other week or lower your price.. after like 5 calls asking this i just tell people, look this is a business this is the price. im at the point where i dont care anymore. i already seen a guy with a minivan pulling tiny trailer with a tractor and push mower (new guy in business lol). im planning on seeing alot of these new part time collecting unemployment people this year cutting grass for extra money this year..
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    The past year has been the most odd ever.

    Last spring after the housing scenerio, I expected to be slow. Turns out that a few months were great. By winter, we saw the slowest since 1988.

    Then one week alone this January made that month better than any January we had been in business.

    February was okay, and now its slow.

    The last 3 business owners I have talked to that I know, from several completely different businesses said that their business volume and sales are way down.

    Keep on prospering ...

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    Granted I don't advertise much anymore, but I did flyer 2 developments I am currently servicing and put an ad in the local paper for a couple weeks. I have not recieved much response yet. I was asked by a friend to bid on a youth center that she manages. The area included a large ballfield and about a 1/2 acre around the building that needed mowed. There was also about 15 minutes worth of trimming and the infield needed raking also. She said they were not happy with the service of the current LCO but liked the price of 80$ a week and by being a nonprofit could not afford much more. The 1/2 ace around the building that needed mowed only could be done with a smaller mower, so I bid 100$. Needless to say I did not here back from her.
    I did retain all of my current customers except for 1. It was an older couple that could not afford a lawn service anymore and will try to cut it themselves. I was going to raise some rates this year, but have decided against it.
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    I agree. The country was in fine shape until he got into office. Puh-leaze! I don't endorse Obama but we were going to be in this sitauation regardless of who won. You can't borrow continuously for over 100 years and then next expect to have to pay it back at some point. This "enconomy" that we're in is nothing compared to what's coming. This is just a warm up.

    If you wonder why I blame borrowing for the problems then you should read up on why the housing bubble got started in the first place.
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    The problem with this country is the Republicans are not who they say they are and the Dems are who they say they are. Both parties are a complete joke. I do not know who is worse at this point. But the most comical group is the " Tea Party Crowd", preaching against all of this government spending. Where were they during the Bush years, when Bush and his hacks were trumping up false accusations to invade Iraq, which has cost the country far more than these bailouts.
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    This post should be a sticky on top of the home page.

    Please stop the poli chat, hijack a thread in the off-topic forum.
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    Not all part timers are bad. I am in my 4th year part time and I am seeing the same things. I do everything right, pay taxes, charge appropriately, yada, yada, yada.... I agree that there are problems but this is one of the easiest industries to get into. What can you expect??

    It supports my family too. I've already lost a few to price, not wanting weekly cutting, and a lot of calls are just for price. I hate it too but not all part time guys are bad. I'm often beat out by larger "Full Time" businesses with a lower price. I've also met more guys who drop the mowing and just landscape. I count on the income just like full timers so I feel the pain. I'm sure A LOT of part timers are bad just not all.
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    I've been busy since almost the beginning of March, that is very unusual because I don't
    normally really start until April 1st but I am not arguing out this fine detail with a customer.

    Did lose 3, one sold the house, the other is being sold so...
    And the last mailed to cancel.

    Gained 1 today, another who called once or twice last year has had me doing 3-4 things already and said more is on the way,
    another apparent part-timer joined up as well...
    So IF...

    IF things keep going the way they are I'll be stupid busy before long at all.
    But starting my 9th year I'm a little too old to get excited over it anymore lol
    I just hope it kinda works out some ways.
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    The seeds where planeted in the 90's. China was not built over night. Now we will have our standard of living go down.
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    You are cutting grass tomorrow are you serious? You are 20 minutes from me and the grass is mostly too short { unless fertilized} and way to wet especially for any thing heavy like a ztr. Good luck though!

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