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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Southern Heritage, Jun 25, 2014.

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    It's not the same Larry, you are correct in the fact I've been working my rear end off. Reason being is that I'm trying to ease myself out of the field and concentrate more on growing and increasing efficiency and streamlining our current systems. This will never happen if I continue to spend the bulk of my time in the field.

    I have 0 interest in spending the rest of my working career beating myself up on a mower, if I wanted hp do that I'd work for someone else........
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    I quit doing "roofs" several years ago. So when I hire my carpender to put a roof on am I working "on" my business or "in" my business?

    I had a Uncle that owned a Honda Dealership, he would be on the showroom daily selling cars, so was he working "on" his business or "in" his business? I don't know but he was making a ton of money.

    I enjoy my little route, if I were looking to make a lot of money I would choose another business.
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    If you are making money off of the work of other people that work for you then you are working on your business. If you are making money off your own personal sweat only then you are working in your business.

    The more you make money off other people's sweat the more you are working on your business.

    Think of it this way. If you are picking cotton at $5 an hour you can make more money by working more hours and that is the only way you can make more money while working IN the business. Hire 5 people for $4.75 an hour and charge $5 and you are making $1.50 for managing people by RUNNING the business. You can increase your income by hiring more people and the income cap is infinite (sort of). THAT is working ON the business.

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    Words. Just words.
  5. larryinalabama

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    Its still picking cotton, and still a job.

    However Eli Whitney did figure out how to make money on picking cotton. Wonder if he was working on his business or in his business???

    I don't think you fellers really think things through. You can make 5$ per hour, ok.....or you can look at 5 useless cotton pickers and make 1.50$ per hour, sounds like a plan for failure to me!
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    I think you are destined for a life of $10 a hour.

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    There are a lot of different types of landscape/lawncare companies represented here on lawnsite. The smaller guys have to work ON and IN their businesses. There comes a point , if you want to grow and make the real money this industry offers, to step out of the everyday out in the field lawnmower jockey/everything else roles. It is hard to put your business into someone else's hands (your employees/crew leaders).
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    ^^ trust and delegation are always a huge part of it, and necessary at that "tipping point." It goes from you doing everything to more of a damage control and training aspect as you teach your 2nd in command. Once that is done he can train etc. etc. But its a hard step to do. Even at some point the "admin role," if you will, becomes necessary not only to grow, but to sustain properly. From chasing money, to quoting, and spot checking the admin guy has a growing role in any business.

    I always play "let it go, Indy" in my head when dealing with it. There needs to be somewhat of a chain of command, no matter how small that is. Companies are built on reliable people outside the owner, finding them is even tougher!
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    Well said!

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    Your not serious....are you?

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