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Worth buying this business??


LawnSite Member
Commerce, MI
Im new to running my own lawn care business but i have been wanting to get into it forever but never knew how to begin. found this guy selling a company it consisted of: been in business for 7 years includes LESCO EZ RIDER, 2 48" BUNTON MOWERS_HYDRO W/JUNGLES WHEELS, 2 TRAILERS- 1 INCLOSED, 2003 GMC 2500- 60,000 MILES, BOSS SNOW PLOW, BACK PACKS, TRIMMERS, EDGERS, TILLER, PLUS MUCH MORE. ALL EQUIPMENT COMMERCIAL GRADE. 82 ACCOUNTS BOTH RESIDENTAL AND COMMERCIAL. APPRAISED AT $105,000 ASKING $80,000

just trying to get some input on what you all think