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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by J&R Landscaping, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a 1994 F250 that I purchased in August. It is in good condition overall. It has the 5.8L v-8 and its a 3 speed auto 4x4.

    I just replaced the freeze plugs in it and discovered the oil pan has a few rust pin holes in it. Truck only has 92,000 miles on it.

    It will be getting inspected later on this month and its going to need a LF upper ball joint. Also, the heater is not working as good as it once was. The alternator is also getting a little bit weak as well.

    The truck does have a few problems but it runs excellent. I recently drove it to my upstate for hunting (325 miles each way) and it did fine!

    If it was your truck, would you consider putting these repairs into it or do you think its time to part ways with it? I'm a little down about the problems, though I am going to be doing some of the repairs myslef.

    Help me out here guys and gals, I need some motivation!! :confused:
  2. RedWingsDet

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    Ugh, its a 1994, I had a 94, trust me, sell it now while you can. I bought mine for $3500, had 120k miles, after 5 months i sunk over 4 grand into fixing it, (2 trannys, rear end, ball joints, etc. etc.) and then sold it for a measly $3500 and I only put about 10-15k miles on it and I didnt plow with it either). Sell it before more crap goes wrong, it will.
  3. Total.Lawn.Care

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    J&R, I have a '94 F-150 that has 267,000 miles. It is in extremely good shape. As good of shape or better than any other '94 that you will see on the road today. It is not 4X4, but over the course of 220,000 miles that I have owned it, I have put in 2 trannies, two oil pumps (because pickup screens slogged up) couple of water pumps, normal brakes, bearings and such and One Alternator. I have done very little overall as far as upkeep on mine.

    I say that if it is decent shape, and you use it and still like it, make the repairs and hang on to it.
  4. J&R Landscaping

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    I like the truck, and the power it has. I'm not sure how much I can sell it for but I know I can't afford much of a newer truck. I have all the faith in the world in this truck too! I'm not afraid to drive it anywhere!!!

    Anyone else have or have had one of these care to share stories of success or failure.......
  5. JohnsonLawn

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    I say fix it if you are confident in it. It is hard to find older trucks that you can have faith in. At least you know what you have into this truck and feel it is reliable.
  6. stroker51

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    I'd keep it and fix it. I've got a 93 F250, 460 3 speed auto 4x4 with a western plow. Mine only has 34K miles on it, but it idled a lot earlier in life and carried a salt spreader, so it's a little rusty. I don't know what your inspections entail, but a quick easy fix for your oil pan you could do what I did when I discovered my pan was leaking, I got some jbweld type stuff and putty'd the h#ll out of it, this was in august, no leaks yet. I realize this isn't the best way to or right way to fix it, but it works. The alternator is easy, I put one on my 93 in like 10 minutes about a week ago, it wasn't charging while I was plowing so I went and got the biggest one I could find, it was like $150 w/ my core. If your truck runs good, keep it, the C6 auto yours has will run forever, mine has plowed it's whole life, no problems at all, yet, and they are cheap to rebuild. I haven't priced having my front end rebuilt for this truck or my 96 diesel, I know it's over a grand, but that is the only thing I'd worry about costing big money on that truck.

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