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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Capemay Eagle

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    Has anyone seen the infomercial on the Worx Gt trimmer. Now I know this is not even a consideration for the commercial guys, but for the average homeowner it is a pretty neat trimmer. It a 18v rechargeable that weighs just 7lbs and is fully adjustable. It also seems to convert to a edger. I am curious about the power, but it seems to have enough power to get the job done. I am interested in trying one out. I am in the market for a trimmer, it is actually one job I hate doing. I usually trim the whole property once every two weeks, so if this thing is all it is supposed to be, I think I am going to snag one up for a hundred bucks.
  2. Harrity

    Harrity LawnSite Member
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    No WAY I would use a battery powered device to do my trimming. Electric, perhaps (though I like my Echo SRM210) but not battery powered.

    But that is just me. :)
  3. dagrel42

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    I don't have any experience with that particular model although the Black and Decker 18 volt trimmer I use is somewhat similar and does a fair job for what it is. It will cut quite well for the period of charge (I have four batteries due to having other B&D cordless tools) and does OK as long as you are not trying to tackle thick or tall grass. I also trim every several weeks around quite a large periphery/fencerow, multiple trees (> 30), and sidewalks. This trimmer does OK for that type of work as long as the grass has not been neglected for many weeks. I'm sure that most current cordless trimmers are rather lacking compared to their gas counterparts but as battery technology improves as well as the use of larger and separate backpack power units, future cordless models may suffice for many homeowners.
  4. Capemay Eagle

    Capemay Eagle LawnSite Bronze Member
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    From what the TV infomericial showed, it seems to be plenty powerful and it holds a charge for about 45 minutes.

    I walked throuh Sears the other night and totaly forgot to go check this thing out..
  5. sowega86

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    I just saw the infomercial and then checked Amazon.com for product reviews. Most of the reviews were not favorable due to weakness in handling heavy grass or weeds. I'll stay with my gas trimmer/edger.
  6. hairyauman

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    i bought my worx gt from here.

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