Would another Landscape companies sign on a lot you service bother you?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. tjsquickcuts

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    This is the point Team Green was making. Dunlap Lawncare is what people are going to remember. I changed the name of my company once we started doing larger installs. I could have kept tjsquickcuts, but it limited my dry advertising for large scale installs. But just as mention before, dont be offended, just learn from this. Most Landscape Co. place these signs out front of a customers house per agreement of giving them some sort of discount. I usually always say, I will give you an additional 5% off if they allow me to place a sign out front for 3 months. I have had a LCO remove one of my signs, and they are fired by the customer. I say just eat it, and keep it moving...
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    Yes its BS!! I had this happen to me last year! Back when i mowed by the way. I show up on my scheduled mowing to find new island beds, retaining walls, and several other new beds. Made me so mad!! I asked them why they went with another company and didnt give me a chance?? They said we didnt know you did all that. I send monthly letters of our services and i have told them several times i do all forms of landscape and hardscapes, including lighting and all! They said o..Well what do you think of their job? I said it looks terrible. (it really did) They said well we thought so but wasnt sure...:hammerhead:
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    lol, ive seen some that actually DO look fine, but yeah i try to stay neutral on my comments, bad or good, since it always comes back as negative in their eyes. Cant tell them they got screwed over and dont want to say that its perfect or else they may use them again and cut you out of your own loop :/
  4. little green guy

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    As far as the other contractor putting the sign on the yard, he did work at the property and has a right to put out his sign, we do it all the time on the larger projects that we install and don't do the maint.

    Also, what I've learned is that people do not associate lawn care with landscaping, we started out mostly doing mowing but quickly got into landscape construction and excavation work. Right now our breakdown is about 20% maint/ 50% landscape const./ 30% site work/excavtion. The majority of the design/ build work we do are for people that have a lawn LCO but do not feel comfortable with the lawn company's abilty to handle a large project (most of the projects being beween 50-150K).

    I also started to notice that some of our maint. clients where not asking us to bid thier larger projects, I realized that, because they only see our lawn crew out at their property everyweek they did not realize we could handle thier project. We where not doing a good job at selling to our existing client base and letting them know that our core buisness is landscape construction.

    I've tried to revamp our company image by eliminating any advertising we had for maint and focus on selling the company as a construction co. We also stoped taking on most new maint. contracts unless they are full service (cutting/prunning/weeding ect.) or a referral. Any install we do, we also to the maint. on the planting and everything else but the grass, we'll do the grass if they want us to and it fits our route. We make it clear to customers that we are not a lawn company right of the bat.

    My piont is, if you sell your co. as a lawn co. people think of you as that, it dosn't matter if your trailer has a full list of other things you do, every LCO in my area has a trucks that list a bunch of stuff on them but i never see them do any sizable jobs.
  5. Ramairfreak98ss

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    yeah this was happening to us a lot in the last two years, partly because we are "lawn care" company name too :/ But i had several clients which wanted larger quotes for all types of work, and then went with a dedicated company for the work instead, assuming we only cut lawns :(
  6. White Gardens

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    Ditto, I do mostly landscaping, and have people ask me if I mow yards.
  7. Team-Green L&L

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    I can't stand when an LCO gets their job confused with a Landscapers'. You mow the grass, the equivalent of a curator at a museum. You are not the Van Gogh of a landscape and should not claim ownership of any landscape. If there's stripes...cool. Say, "My Stripes" or some stuff, but quit trying to impress people with a landscapers design and build.

    We put a sign at any hardscape or landscape install. If someone calls me for grass mowing, I don't mow grass. I would never be a competitor to an LCO nor would I want to. Not that it's not a cool job or anything. Just not for me. Don't worry about it. The sign will be up in 2 weeks or so.
  8. Mike33

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    Elements of business, can't get your feelings hurt to easy. Also dont let them see your emotion.
  9. Randy Scott

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    We do it. We put signs on all our hardscape projects. It's cleared with the customer and the majority of them are more proud of their nice patios, walls, fire-pits, etc.. than their lawn. The sign stays about two weeks after the completion of the project and then we remove it. People are brighter than you think, they can figure out who did what and when on a property.

    Those signs create the sales stir and curiosity of fellow neighbors and passing cars. Whether the project is in the back or the front, nearly every homeowner would accomodate a curious neighbor when inquiring about their recent project. People are proud and excited to "show-off" to others in the neighborhood what has just been done.
  10. TPendagast

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    One of the main reasons to put a sign out, esepecially if your company is 30 or more miles away from the jobsite and the work is not visible from the road is:
    a) vendors delivering materials to the job know WHICH property and aren't lost.
    b) most Landscape construction companies have either subs or specialty teams that can work anywhere in a 200 mile radius, they need to find the job too.
    Basically people who are affiliated with the job need to be able to find it.

    I've done mowing for years and years.

    But I'll chime in with others who have said this:
    IF you just mow the grass, dont act like you are the highest of talent on the property, after all you are just mowing grass.

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