Would anyone like to share what it cost you to operate various equipment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walker-talker, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. walker-talker

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    I am trying to get some things in order this winter while I have the time. One thing is a cost of doing business analysis.

    How many of you out there have done this?

    Here is a list of equipment that I am going to do this on:

    Walker-52" deck-26EFI Kohler
    Exmark-TTHP 36"-15 hp KAW
    John deere-21"-6hp KAW
    Bluebird dethatcher-5.5hp Honda
    Bluebird Aerator-4hp Honda
    Jacobsen AeroKing overseeder-13hp Honda
    Backpack blower Stihl BR400
    Line Trimmer-Shindiawa T230
    John Deere Edger

    This is the bulk of it. I guess it's not hard to figure what it might cost as far as maintenance and fuel cost, but what I really need help with is what kind of life expectancy do you tag to various equipment?

    If you don't know what it cost to run the equipment on my list, but do know what it cost to run your equipment, I would be interested in that also or anything else on this subject.

  2. KLMlawn

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    I will just say this ... I could be wrong, but I believe the average life expectancy for most mowers is about 4 years before major overhaul or replacement, and about 2 or so for most two-cycle equipment before you throw it in the garbage. If you maintain it, it will probably last longer, but I believe that is the average. As to fuel costs, just figure out how much you have to put in every week and then divide that by the amount of hours on the hour meter or how ever many you actually use it and that should give you a good idea per week.
  3. walker-talker

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    from Midwest
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    Thanks for the reply, but I need to be more accurate on the life expectancy. I need that in hours and not years. I am doing this part-time for now and don't put on near the hours that a full timer might.

  4. bobbygedd

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    from my experience: i own 5 walk behind mowers(all purchased used) two trimmers, 2 edgers, hedge trimmers, chain saw, various hand tools(shovels, pruners, etc) 12 foot trailer, pickup truck . my total annual operating costs for a one man op, including repairs on everything, life expectency, insurance, advertising, pest licence, paper stamps, envelopes, fuel, p.o box fee, and all other little expenses = $10, 000 per season. is this what u were asking? need additional info, email me at bobbygedd@aol
  5. tailoredlook

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    If this helps at all. The average life expectancy for mowing equipment breaks down to 100hrs. for every horsepower. i.e. a 25 hp ZTR should last 2500 hrs. a 14hp wb will last 1400 hrs.
  6. walker-talker

    walker-talker LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Midwest
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    That's what I was looking for....thanks. I have heard that, but was not sure if that is a good rule of thumb to go by. I guess I can use that at least for a guide.

    Thanks again
  7. ScotLawn

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    This is not correct at all. Take the walker 20hp kohler, you will NOT see 2000 hours on that motor. The 20.9 hp kabota diesel will last longer than 2090 hours. Life expectancy can only be judged by the amount and frequency of routine maintance that is done. a 25hp ZTR will not last 1000 hours if it's not maintained correctly, i.e. airfilter cleaned and replaced often, oil changes at 50 hrs, and unit greased daily or everyother day.

    Life expectancy of equipment is very hard to guage. I would say on average 1500 hours on any mower with any motor unless it has a diesel motor. If it lasts longer or it's life span is shorter depends on the maintance that is done.

    Walker mowers will go through engines faster than any mower due to the lack of air flow around the air cooled motor. I would think of getting a liquid cooled motor in a walker if you are thinking of longevity in life expectancy without major overhall.


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