would belt slippage cause this?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rbig, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Got a Yardman with 46" deck we use for cleanup and close-in trimming that's not mowing as well as it should.
    The blades are OK, and installed right.

    We previously found a deck drive (double vertical pulley) with frozen
    bearing. Replaced bearing.

    There is still a question as to whether the bearing was premature
    failure, and, if so, what was cause?

    Put new bearing in mower and reassembled deck.

    Belt and spindles appear to be running normally.

    Not sure about deck belt length being right.

    If it was slightly longer than the factory spec belt, could it be
    slipping, but not so I could see it by eyeballing? I note the pulley
    with new bearing is running very hot. This implies to me that the
    belt is slipping, even though it doesn't look like it is.

    Does this sound plausible?
  2. Travis Followell

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    If the belt was slightly longer than the original belt then there is a good chance it is slipping but slipping so little that you don't notice it. If the belt is old it is probibly stretched so that would make it slip as well. A new belt is about $20. You could try it and see if that helps. You'd probibly be suprised at how much difference a new belt would make in the performance of the mower.
  3. fixer67

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    You need to get an OEM belt to make it work right. OEM belts come in all odd ball sizes like XX 15/32" or XX 5/64"."Will-Fit" belts from the auto parts or hardware ONLY come in whole sizes. You would be amazed at how much differance as little as 1/16" can make on these belts
  4. rbig

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    OK. Thanks very much for the advice.

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