Would like a feww suggestions on using my new Mclane Edger.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wil22, May 14, 2005.

  1. Wil22

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    I did a search on the best edger to buy. I was imppressed with comments some of you guy's had on the Mclane Edger. I just bought one from Home Depot.

    I'm still trying to get that perfect edge. I try and edged with my McClane going forward and sometimes the edger rides up over hard soil, not really leaving an edge. I can get a nice clean define edge when I walk back wards but can't get it when I walk forward.

    I set the blade so its straight up and down and I think I edge more concrete than grass. Maybe this is sometime that will come with practice.

    Any tips on using the Mclane Edger would be helpful.


  2. captken

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    Be sure to set the depth and angle correctly.
    I sometimes walk back with my Stihl FC-85 stick edger and with my John Deere E-35 walk edger. When the going gets tough it defines the line easier. [walking back] I do this when edging in damp conditions or where there is tough grass/weed/roots/or the first time edge. Walking back clears the edge better, as you are going against the rotation. [thows debris out and away]

    The next time you edge, you will probably just roll with it, [going along with the rotation] swiftly, as you will have already created a neat and clean edge.
  3. Wil22

    Wil22 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Captken. I'll continue walking backward and forward until I get it right.
  4. nobagger

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    I hardly use my walk edger anymore, after buy a Echo stick edger it works great and leaves a great edge wherever! But yes walk back and forth on tougher surfaces and try not to catch too much of the concrete and try getting a star shaped blade vs. the straight blade they come with. The difference in the blades alone will make a big difference!
  5. Runner

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    Also, (and this applies to all edging), when edging, you have to keep the forward part of the blade pointedc in toward the concrete ever so slightly. This ensures a straight clean adge. With a walk behind, you like have to lift the handles just a bit and slide the back of the edger to your left just slightly every few feet or so. This keeps the front part of the blade touching the concrete. This way, it doesn't "pinch" material in between and leave stuff behind. Also, what was mentioned earlier, wet condition will leave a messier edge. If it's real wet, don't fret on it. It will clean up when it's dry.

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