Would like input for a hedge trimming job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TN_mower, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. TN_mower

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    I have a hedge trimming job that I will be giving an estimate on. I will email them most likely tomorrow with a price. There is around 35-40 little monkey grass plants that need to be trimmed for the winter and there is around 20-25 (3-6 foot tall) bushes that need to be lightly trimmed.

    Should i charge by the hour or give a straight estimate. Job is for trimming and clean up. There is a wooded area that is going to be used for the clippings so i dont have to haul anything away.

    Im pondering on charging $2.50 for each monkey grass plant and maybe $5-$7 for the larger bushes. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. PerfectEarth

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    First, why would you (or they) want to cut back the Liriope (the "monkey grass") right now? That's a late Feb/March thing...

    Second, don't price per plant like that. Estimate how long it will take you to do the Liriope and then how long to do the shrubs.... say, 1 hour, 3 hours.... then some travel time/extra mobilization time, etc...

    Do you have an hourly rate? Take your 4-5 hour job (or whatever it comes to) and come to a price. Give them that...
  3. TN_mower

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    They want me to cut the plants back now so im going to do it. Customer has always done it before winter time so i'll be happy to help him with that. I'm thinking it will take me 4-5 hours. would $250 be a good price?
  4. jason72g

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    Well what is your price per hour? Just multiply that by 4 or 5 and you should have a price.
  5. TN_mower

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    gonna estimate them $250 at $50 an hour and if it takes less time i'll adjust price.

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