Would someone please punch me in the face?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnBoy89, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. LawnBoy89

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    Ok, I'm going out a couple nights ago and I decide to put the tail gate down on the truck since the toneau (sp?) cover was not buttoned up so I can get a little better gas mileage. Meanwhile my mom and dad are getting ready to go out and walking to the car and my dad is like "That's stupid just the the friggen thing off if you are going to keep it down all the time". So I was like alright and I just took it off the truck (F-150). Anyways I had to do a couple lawns up the street today so I just threw my 7001, trimmer, and handheld blower into the back since I was only going up the street. I'm coming home, I live in a dead end, and I usually go around it because I have an easier angle backing into my driveway if I go around it and my BRAND NEW REDMAN blower FALLES OFF UNDER THE TRAILER. The hoses came apart and the straps that hold it onto your body are all scraped up.

    So to my question, if you even want to answer it since I am the most retarted person that has ever mowed a lawn, does RedMax sell replacement backpack straps. Thanks, I'm going to go jump off a cliff now...
  2. Texas Mower Parts

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    Everybody on this board has had a day or two like that. We have the straps. Give me a call when you ready. Thanks
  3. KathysLGC

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    You gotta put the dust mask on when applying your pesticides bro.....LoL We've all done stupid things. I put a small dent in my Explorer after only owning it for a few months with my trailer. My sister was moving and needed me to help with a few thing so i brought the trailer. Well, when i was leaving I was reversing and turning, my brother in law said the trailer was getting close to jack knifing, I was like na I still got a few more inches to go and bam....... small dent.... If I only did a 3 point turn...... It bothered me every time i saw it. I just traded it in for a New 2500HD so I don't have to worry about it now.
  4. BrunswickMowing

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    Getting better gas mileage with the tailgate down is only a myth. When closed the aerodynamics of the bed create air turmoil over it. This turbulant air acts like a soild that the other air passes over.

    Ever get leaves and debris blowing into the cab through the split window? That's hardly a sign that the air is passing by the tailgate area.
  5. qps

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    This is a absolutely true statement...your wasting you time (and tools) by removing or lower your tailgate.
  6. LawnBoy89

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    Really? But it seems like you can almost feel the drag that the tail gate puts on it while on the highway. I'm going to go put it back on tonight anyways. Thanks guys, I still feel like an ass though.

    Playboy..thats really funny it makes me feel a little better. You aren't hiring are you? Right now I work part time at a grocery store but I would much rather spend those hours mowing for someone.
  7. Scapegoat

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    True and the truck is also supposedly more structurally sound with the tailgate up as well.
  8. 6'7 330

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    Ok,but are sure you want me to punch your face?.We all have our days lol.
    When We first started out and i Was still going out ,Somebody pulled up beside the truck at a stop,yelled hey you guys know your liftgate was down lol.
  9. lawnguyland

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    I'll punch you in the face! I need to punch someone in the face and since we have similar screen names I figure it would be best done by me. :realmad:

    Because....I was mowing lawns today and....
    Some jerk off was cleaning gutters at a house I was finishing up today and he took handful of wet leaves and then threw them on the bushes that I will soon be trimming so I said "hey, I'm not cleaning that up. throw it in a garbage bag man" and then continued around the corner of the house blowing. The freakin guido was on the ladder and his white trash buddy was holding it all while the old lady customer watched. Next thing I know this idiot is in my face with his wife beater shirt on being all pseudo-mafioso tough guy from Brooklyn or doucheland (at one point he said "do I look like some Long Island boy to you?" (meanwhile we are ON Long Island and his license plate says LIGuttrs. dumb, dumb, dumb ass). Since I could tell he was a total walking piece of turd, I let him rant. I wanted to beat him senseless, but knew I'd suffer in one way or another, so I stood there silent and let him think he was all tough before he went home to beat his family. The lady fired him then and there. What a schmuck. That's why I want to punch someone. Especially THAT guy. What a shortend version of the name Richard.
  10. wacamaster

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    Who cares if the blower has scratches.. that's gonna happen. I wouldn't waste any money getting new straps.

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