Would this be a bad excavator to buy?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by edrrt, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. edrrt

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    I'm new to excavators and wondering if anyone who knows what their looking at can tell me if I'm making a mistake buying this unit.


    Agreed to buy this excavator but have not inspected it yet. I think its a 2000 Takeuchi TB125 with 2,500 hours.

    What worries me is that of all the ones I have seen for sale none are dented and this one has some dents in the back hood and edges along with a re-spray. How hard is it to dent these up and should I suspect an overly abused unit? The treads also seem to have deep cuts in them which makes me wonder if it saw broken concrete/ demo work.

    The story is bought from sunbelt rents in 2003 by contractor who supposedly maintained it well until selling to another contractor who bought for a month then resprayed it and decided to sell it.

    Do you guys see any problems or things I should check into before forking over the cash?

    It's going to be for a farm, and about 9.5k delivered.

    What do you guys think?

    Any input from those in the know is appreciated.


  2. AWJ Services

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    Once a machine has had the paint can rebuild it really makes it hard to tell from pictures. It does have a thumb and bucket coupler and if all the pins and bushings seem pretty good it is a decent price.
  3. RSK Property Maintenance

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    looks good, sounds normal, make sure you idle the machine down before shutting off, not good to have a machine wide open when you start it. my dad has the exact same machine, but he bought it brand new in 06 for 50,000 and its a great machine, he's only got 1100hrs on his but all his stuff has low hours on it and he buys his equipment new, and i do as well.
  4. Stony Bob

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    I love my 125
    even at 3200 hrs

    Check the drive motors.
    Remove the plug and check the oil.
    Just because you don't see any leaks does not mean anything.
    They don't leak if they are empty.
    $3000 a piece if you don't catch it.
    Oem tracks are around $2500
    After markets maybe $1750 or so.
    If your handy get the parts and service manuals .....worth maybe 3-4 hundred
    If the seller has them ask him to throw them in. They are necessary at that vintage.
    If its been well maintained it's a good deal.

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