Would this be a cut throat dishonorable thing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KathysLGC, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. KathysLGC

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    I did sub work for some one and the neighbor liked my work and wanted me. I told them it wasn't my account and that I was subbing for person X and they should give person X a call. Neighbor says "I like your work and want you to do my lawn" I figured ok, I did offer the name of person X who I was working for so I took on the neighbors yard. This past snowstorm i plowed the neighbors driveway and one of HIS neighbors driveway. Later that night I get a call from the yard I did as a sub,to plow their driveway too. So I go, plow, go in to get paid and the wife remembers me and says she liked my work and we start to talk about this up coming year. I then thought about person X and figured it would be wrong to put in a bid so I kinda left with no complete answer to the woman as far as me putting in a bid or not.
    My question is would it be wrong to do? Person X is a cool guy. If i was subbing for an a$$hole I would of put in a bid a long time ago but i have respect for people who respect me.
  2. rodfather

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    I'd want the "ok sign" from the guy you did the work for before going any farther IMO...
  3. traman

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    never bite the hand that feeds ya tell him whats going on ,if hes a stand up guy he will just tell you to go for it
  4. PTP

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    You have 2 good options.

    1. You simply turn the customer down. I assume that you get other sub work from this guy. That will end if he thinks that you are stealing his clients. If you do this, then I think that you would be morally clear. I can't see any problems that this would not solve other than the fact that you are not getting paid for another job.

    2. You talk to the other guy. The reason that he is subbing to you is probably because he is too busy himself. You might be able to work something out with him.
  5. Garth

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    So many times when I was in the nursery business did I hear "It's nothing personal, just business" and from one particular person I ended up punching in the throat when I left his employment and he had to shut down. I would tell person X the situation making sure he understands that it was the homeowners that approached you and ask him for his advice. Good guys in the business are as rare as virgins in the Bronx (over the age of twelve) and if you have alot of respect for him you'll let him know what the situation is.-Garth
  6. Lawn-Scapes

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    Your post was a little difficult to follow. What kind of sub work did you do for the original client? What is kind of work does "person x" do for them? What work is the client asking you to do now?

    Regardless, it seems as though you may be stepping on his (person x) toes and you might want to tell him about it. If it is unrelated to what he offers.. he probably won't care.

    Does "person x" do any work for the neighbors who are approaching you? If not, I wouldn't feel guilty about that.
  7. wbw

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    wrong wrong wrong. Put the shoe on the other foot. Lets say you spent $$$ on advertising...only got 2 jobs from it. At least you know you always get more work in the future (referrals, add ons etc), and you will eventually recover your loss. Scheduling conflict and now you need help. You call company x. Company x helps you out. Thank Goodness. Whew. Now 2 weeks later you drive through the area and see that you've lost not only the referrals to company x, but he has also stolen your client that you spent $ obtaining. How do YOU feel? How much more work are you going to sub to company x ???
  8. KathysLGC

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    Person X onlt offers lawn care not snow plowing. The customer asked me to plow since i plowed in the area. The customer recognized me as to the person who did their lawn for about 3 weeks. Person X asked me to him him out for a bit which I did. It was just the basic lawn care. Person X has had this account for a while and i'm not sure if any of the neighbors approached him or not for a bid. While working one neighbor approaches me and wants me to do their lawn. He didn't ask for a bid, he said he wanted me to do his lawn. I am not a scrub and I didn't under bid any one to get this account. This neighbor wasn't using a lco. I honestly offered the neighbor person X's # and he said no to it.

    After reading some of the responses i think I will pass on that customer and just keep the neighbor that wanted me. Person X is a pretty cool guy and there are more houses in the area we can both do. Since he has that one he will probly want to expand in the area and I don't want to step on any ones toes.

    Would should I do if lets say the customer drops person X and goes out looking for other lco's, a few months later asks me again for a bid?
  9. wbw

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    Sounds to me like you are a stand-up guy. Maybe you could talk to person x and let him know that his customer approached you. Tell him you don't want to steal his account. Having said that if x loses it, it may as well be to you.
  10. JimLewis

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    I personally wouldn't do any lawn care work for either the original customer or the neighbor. That's a good way to ruin a friendship or relationship.

    Snow plowing, if he doesn't do it, fine. But no lawn work. That's just wrong. The neighbor is kind of a gray area. But I still wouldn't do it because you know the guy's gonna be pissed that you got the neighbor account. Why would you want to piss this guy off. Sounds like you guys have a good relationship. I wouldn't risk a relationship on one little residential lawn care account.

    Just my 2 cents.

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