Would this be bettr than used?


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I think you are crazy to buy one of those for our line of work. But that is just my opinion. I'm sure know enough about mowers to find a good used commercial mower. Might take some time but I think it would be worth it.
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IMO no way that mower makes 5yr/1k hours. 6mph forward speed seems not very efficient either. If you have 8k to work with you should be able to find something good eventually.


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I wouldn't use that.. Husqvarna has some entry level commercial mowers for 4600 have 3100 hydrostatic transmissions check those out.. Husqvarna mz5225 is the entry level they have a new model now called the mzt check those out to there are a step up from the mz and cost about 5300.
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Not everyone wants nor needs a high dollar mower to make a living in this business. Most machines if maintained and not abused will last a long time. I say go for it Larry if it fits your needs. At least a new one you know it has not been abused.


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Ive been looking for a good used ZTR for years, and 5000$ gets you junk, at least around here.

I can get a new 72" Snapper for 8000 or a 60" for 6000. Those are also using EZT hydros.

I will say the the 3400$ Bad Boy look pretty darn good for the money.

Im also trying to "eningeer" a seat for my Toro Grandstand.

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