Would this be Overkill?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by DCK1981, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. DCK1981

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    This was something I was considering for my own personal yard after watching a video Allyn Hayne did on youtube. I was planning on doing an application of screaming green here in the next couple of weeks at the rate of 4 lbs/1000 of product. Following that doing a core aeration and applying a reduced rate of milorganite to increase organic matter in the soil. I know Hayne said to do Milorganite at 5 lbs/1000 along side a starter fert for a fall app to get a 1/4 lb of N. I figure that w/ the SG + Milorganite at those rates it would be a little under 1 lb of N, but I mowed a ton after applying SG last app at a similar rate. I dont want to be out mowing my yard every 3 days, but as a "lawn guy" that the neighbors know thats what I do, I want it to stand out as well. what do you guys think about this?
    Thanks for any input.
  2. Mr Efficiency

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    I would just Core areate and lay down Milorganite at Max rate for around 15 lb per 1,000 sqft after.
    Will fill holes with Organic Materials and help out even the following season.
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  3. upidstay

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    What he said
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  4. Mr Efficiency

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    I find applying synthetic starter Fertilizers just before doing a core Aeration and over Seeding is better not after when applying both. If not applying grass after core aeration and only synthetic starter Fertilizers it is fine.
    Organic fertilizers seem to be fine applied after core Aeration along with seed in core holes
    I use to apply synthetic starter Fertilizers and grass seed after doing core Aeration but germination never seemed to be the best.

    I feel Seed coming in direct contact with synthetic starter Fertilizers in core holes burn some of the seeds decreasing seed germination.

    I may do a germination test with grass seed in contact with synthetic starter fertilizers and without in a test samples to prove my feelings.
    Would do in wet paper towel in Ziploc bags.
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  5. DCK1981

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    I guess my question wasnt clearly worded. I'm not doing an overseeding, my lawn is already very thick. I was just wondering if doing a little extra with the milorganite would actually do anything noticeable? I work for a company so treating my own lawn w/ our products for free, so I would have to buy milorganite on my own, and having a 10k sq/ft lawn applying at 15 lbs/1000 would get kinda pricey, but 5 lbs i think i could swing that. Again I'm just curious if there's much of a benefit to doing an extra app w/ an organic fert after doing the screamin green app?
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  6. phasthound

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    Use Screamin 8 starter fertilizer when seeding 8-14-1 (40% SRN, 40% organic matter), then follow up in 4-6 weeks with Screamin Green. You could use Dynamic Duo 4-3-1 (composted poultry manure and Biosolids) with aeration. all are available at most SiteOne's.
  7. agrostis

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    So how much N per 1000 would you get doing this? Not you Barry, i mean the OP.
  8. Mr Efficiency

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    You could go with a 1/2 rate. About 5k per bag, about 7 lb per 1k. Definitely will help get Organic Materials down below the thatch layer into deeper part of the soil.
    I did milo it in late spring after spiking and to be honest my lawn has been the best it has been In some time.
    You could use a SG also but will be less Organic Materials in.holes.
  9. DCK1981

    DCK1981 LawnSite Member
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    by my calculations SG (16-2-3) at 4 lbs/1000 would get around .65 lbs N + 1/4 of N in milo would be right around .9 lbs N/1000

    and thanks for all the feedback guys.
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  10. Methodical2

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    This is interesting as I've never done this before. I've always aerate, then put down starter and seeds.

    Question. Do you apply starter fertilizer a day or 2 or more before, water it in, then aerate and drop seeds. Curious. I may give this a try next season.


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