Would this mower config. work?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Apr 11, 2002.


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    I'm thinking about designing/creating a 33" w/b pusher - "yes," a 33" w/b pusher. I'll be using older, spare parts from various mowers except for the engine which is an almost new Honda GX3, 4 cycle 8 HP. For the deck, I'm cutting and modifying a deck off of a Snapper rider and have our machine shop fashion the crank shaft of the motor to the existing drive on the Snapper as well as making the axles. The rest is basically bolt on spares from other mowers.

    I have access to this Honda motor for a VERY good price. I always wanted a wide-bodied pusher because most all of my accounts are mostly flat and really too small for a rider or one of the mid-sized stand ups w/ velkie. Thus, a larger cutting path than the little narrow 21" mowers should greatly cut down on time, but there is the extra weight and bulk to consider on the bigger mower/eng.

    Any thoughts?


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    I know I wouldn't even think about touching what you are talking about. Now I am not saying you can't do it, or that it won't work, I'm just saying its a lot of hassle and money to put into something that is less than guarantied to work, and work well. I would look into a 32" Exmark Metro. They really aren't that heavy, (even my 48" Metro HP doesn't weigh that much) and you would be way better off with a machine that has been know to give a great cut, and is very dependable. Good luck with your endeavor.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I have a 33' Troy-Bilt that I have tried pushing in neutral..lots of work. I don't think I would want to do it all the time.
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    As far as costs go......I'm getting the eng. for a song and the other parts needed (deck, axles.etc.) are coming off of several scraped units for free. I'll do the torch work myself and a machinist friend of mine will not charge me anything.

    Now as far as time, that will be the kicker. But I've always loved a challenge and working on "project ideas."

    I've looked at the Exmark Metro and you're right, it's a real sweety. The local dealer had a demo'd unit that he said he would sell me for $1986 - tax included. He said the the sulky/velkie would run another $200. Rather pricey for my partime/small scale operation.



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    What's a 33" Troy-Bilt? I'm mean is it a w/b, rider or what? I've never heard of it. My only real concern with this idea of mine is the weight and it's distribution. I know it'll work as far as cutting grass is concerned.........just wondering about it's efficiency vs. narrower and lighter pushers.



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    Like I had said earlier, to cut down on mowing time. Also the ultra-low costs associated with carrying out this project make it tempting as well as the fact that I'm a tinkerer that's always thinking of better ways.


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    DON'T BUY THAT TROY-BILT POS. i had one and sold it 4 years ago, in one week i had a brand new problem every day. Back then it cost me 1200, if you gonnna spend that mower just go get that exmark.
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    Well if you really want to, (I don't know why), go ahead, but if you want to have a heavyduty piece of equipment that will last you for season after season, get you a commercial 32". Toro, Exmark, Scag, etc.


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