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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i do alot of one time cleanups in the fall, for one time customers. very profitable. so, the guy calls, you return his call. you meet with him at his home, you give a quote for the job. he says do it. you say great, friday. he says he won't be home friday. you say pay me now, or leave a check for me friday. he says, ok, someone will be here to pay you. you go, do the job, knock on the door, an elderly non english speaking man answeres the door. you point to your palm mon - ey. mo-ney. MO-NEY MO-NEY. he knows what you're saying, but he aint got none. instead, he hands you a piece of paper with his son's work # on it. you call. son says come back tonight and get paid. of course i get right on him about the fact that i told him i need to be paid when i'm done. does this upset you? do you charge extra for having to go back and get paid?
  2. Tulsa Lawn Guy

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    I would be a little irritated, but I wouldn't charge extra. I invoice most of my clients anyway, so getting paid the same day (or evening) would be a real treat!
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    Sounds like you didn't have enough chest hair sticking out of your shirt or gold chains. Instead on knocking on the door try beating it with a handle of a sledge hammer. Then when they open the door, be more direct. Point to your palm with the sledge hammer head. Make sure you get real close to them so your sweat drips on their shoes too... LOL

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    maby u should have smacked the old man around some to get the point acrost
  5. cward

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    I know you didn't do the work without a contract! (You didn't mention it.) You're slipping if you didn't have one! How will you take them to court and collect without a contract? You have to charge him extra for attempting to collect a debt, not once, but twice. If this was a longtime client, I wouldn't have sweated it. However, a newby? Why would you chance it. After all the replies about protecting yourself, slamming everyone for being unprofessional for not having contracts, why would you put yourself in such a dilema? Just FYI, you are the #1 reason I WILL have contracts for everything I do next year. Just made them up today and dropped a copy to the printers to have them made, with carbon copies. Maybe you should try the 911 call scenario you posted earlier on this guy.
  6. Mo Green

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    Did you show the old man your shovel?
  7. K c m

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    ZING. :waving:
  8. tiedeman

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    I usually will let them slide just that one time, but he better be there later on again when he says he will be

    Stuff comes up though, maybe an emergency, or he forgot to do something. Like I said, give him one more chance to pay up before you hurt him
  9. bobbygedd

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    actually cward, yes, i have a leaf contract. since i do a million of these a season, it simply says how many visits, the total fee, and when each payment is due. in this case, it's one payment, due upon completion. what made me uncomfortable is, the man that signed (the son) is about as chinese as you can get, and claimed his first name was joe. now, i found that hard to believe. i mean, that's like me going to japan, and telling them my name is hop sing. think they'd believe me? anyhow, i gave "joe" a bag of crap on the phone, and told him it's $40 extra to come back to pick up payment
  10. tiedeman

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    :laugh: "hop sing" LMAO

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