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Would this work?


LawnSite Senior Member
I've been trying to decide whether to remove the Ultravac from my Exmark Lazer Z when the warm weather arrives and put on mulching blades,and just refuse to bag,or leave the bagger on to appease the occassional customer who wants it done.I have other mowers for mulching but they're smaller than my Exmark.
Are there any mulching blades that can be used with a bagger or is that something that just won't work?Bear with me guys,I'm new.Thanks.


LawnSite Senior Member
Edison, NJ
I have a ExmarkViking this fall I put mulching blades ontop of highlifts... Let me tell you quality of cut was twice as good. Both ways: Mulching and bagging. When i mulched I did have the kit on, but I never got a chance to try mulching without the baffle on.
I noticed a very small drop in my gas mileage I guess you can say.


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I have a scag TT w/bagger and when i want to just mulch I take off the bagger system in about 2 min. and add a plate to the deck about 2 min. and that is all I do. Only have a few yards that require bagging during summer and only add bagger when needed on those days. I think the plate will work fine it does for me. My gator blades bag real well.