would you buy 2wd?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by highlander316, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Second that, 2wd trucks are worth nothing at resale time, I have been looking for another 4x4 for plowing and keep seeing the 2wds for thousands and thousands less than comparable 4x4s. We actually do a lot of plowing in 2wd, but those few little times a snow you get stuck, you just grab 4x4 and go again. I plow in a F350 4x4 dually dump with a 10' v-spreader that weighs at least 1500 alone and occasionally have trouble getting around, with a full salter, no problem but that is too much weight to push with. So 4x4 is handy there for plowing with an empty salter. There are a handful of guys in town that still plow with old ford and chevy 2wd one tons, and a couple operations with plows on the cabovers.
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    Highlander, I'm in the minority but don't care. We work in the same areas and if you 're not going to use for plowing get 2wd. My main truck from end of March until leaves are done is my Isuzu cabover. I have used the truck for 2 years and my 1989 Ford Superduty before that and didn't need 4wd in either. It gets mucky where I dump and never came close to getting stuck. A few years ago I brought this subject up to another colleague and his reply was, How do you think we did it in the old days? As far as resale I run them until the end. Good Luck! Matt
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    Im picking up a preowned 07 250 2wd and had the same concearns if I want to spend the extra 3k for 4wd. But I decided it was fine because i need crew cab 8ft bed, this is going to be set up as my irrigation/lighting truck. This winter I passed out and hit my head in the house during a bad snow storm, my girlfriend was able to get in my truck and with me explaining to her how to use the 4wd she was able to drive me to the hospital. No way in hell I would ever not have a 4wd in the yard just incase now

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