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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by luke1, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. luke1

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    I came across a 152z Gravely with HYD. lift deck it is a 2004 still new, a left over that no own bought. The dealer said I can have it for $5800.00.
  2. Go for the Green

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    That's more of a homeowner Z.

    Gravely's "better?" stuff is the 250 series.

    You get what you pay for....
  3. Roger

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    Luke1: That is a good price, compared to what I was quoted at a local dealer. I looked at a 148Z, 21hp, manual lift: $5,999.

    I would have to question the "homeowner" designation. Gravely has another line below the 1xxZ models for homeowners. The 1xxZ models are a smaller frame than the 2xx series mowers. Yes, they are smaller and lighter weight than 2xx machines, but are built like others in the class: JD 717A, Ferris IS1500Z, Exmark Lazer HP.

    I was impressed with the 148Z, excepting the mowing deck, internal baffles, etc. The discharge chute was very large, but the baffles seemed awfully light.

    Do a search on the 148Z or 152Z -- many posts are on LS about these Gravely machines.

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